What’s The 411 With Bre’??? Lack of Discipline for Vision

Welcome to today’s what’s the 411 with Bri!

 I’ve decided to write on vision and lack of discipline.

God gives us all a purpose in our lives to fulfill before leaving this Earth. Some find their purpose and passions early in life and continue to achieve it, some lose sight of the vision, and others have yet not witnessed their calling.

To those who have ? What are you waiting on??? To those who haven’t I pray that you the Lord wakes you up to go after those God-given visions and dreams.

To all of us, without discipline there is no room for success.

Do you think most of us aren’t progressing because of  oppression? No, it’s not that. Overtime we learn how to build resilience. Do you think  some  of us aren’t progressing because of  the fear? Well any psychologists will tell you the best way to get over fear is to face your fears, so it’s not that either.

If you want to be real for a second , a lot of us aren’t progressing simply because of ourselves. Progression starts with  changing something within.

How can you progress if you don’t want to change anything?And how can one progress if they don’t know what they are changing or how to change it?

People are screwing themselves up because of the lack of focus and lack of discipline.  Everyone wants to fit in with the crowd, trying to impress people who really don’t care if you’re above ground water, in a safe boat, barely making it, or sinking like the Titanic. This produces a lack of creativity and originality.

People are focus on making it by any means necessary , promoting mediocrity and not focused on truly exceeding past their own competent level and competition by developing their own style and creativity. All because of lack of focus, direction, and discipline.

I have my own personal experience with the same thing. Venturing off into the world of media arts is not easy. I am meeting a lot of people that I personally don’t know and sometimes I feel the need to compare myself by doing what it is they are doing. When I do that, I lose focus on my own goals and passions.

I want everyone to remember that it is so easy to get distracted and so hard to get back on target. We have to be willing to sacrifice and be obedient  in order to conquer.

My sacrifice may not have been someone else’s sacrifice. But nonetheless it was a sacrifice.

We can all win, it’s just a matter of discipline and allowing the Lord to use our gifts and creativity.


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