It’s the Buzz with Upcoming TV Personality and Host Bianca Bee


Guess what beautiful busy bee , I had the privilege of interviewing this past dazzling winter???? As Bianca Bee was hovering her Bee Hive in LA, I was lucky enough to chat  with her about her brand image in LA and who she’s been in touch with on the RED CARPET these days! Check out the exclusive interview with Bianca Bee as she gives pointers on how to build a brand and what the life of LA is all about!

Bianca, please share with the ladies and  even my gentlemen who Bianca Bee is?And what inspired you to start a trend by writing your name as Bee like a bumblebee  and including it in major professional work?

Bianca bee is a sassy and social media girl. I love entertaining  and motivating young girls. I am all about positivity.

When facebook gave access to high school students , I was originally known by my first and last name. My last name also starts with the letter “B”.  But when facebook  deactivated my  first  account, I was not able to get the original spelling of my last name back. I  went with Bee like a bumblebee. Since I was 15 however,  I’ve been calling myself Bianca Bee.  It’s been a creative way to sell my brand and it works for me.

What is the hardest part of your job? And how do you cope with the pressures to be great in LA?

The hardest part of my job is balancing my work load.  I literally do everything when it comes to my brand. I dont have a team. That means no public relations or  management . So many people do what I do, I must always be  consistent and working. A person doing the same work as I do in LA must always bring new ideas and lay them on the table. There are real people in this industry who are making millions so a person being among these individuals  have to strive to make millions too.

Moving to LA has given me a business mindset. I see more for myself financially and opportunity wise. In Detroit, we hustle but not in a good way.  I found a hustle that can make me money in a good way while building a positive brand.

Bianca, what can you tell young ladies about building their brand?

First thing is having a dope name. It should be catchy so you have to figure out which route and direction you are going to build your brand. You don’t want to  be contradicting while brand building, but don’t limit yourself either. Build a following and connect with those followers. Remember  you want quality over quantity. Make sure you have people who support your movement and always be willing to learn from other people in your industry. Learn how to shadow people and follow up with those you are networking with to maintain friendships .

Is there a time when you feel like added pressure is forced on you because of the image you withhold?

yes most definitely!  I created such a positive brand that sometimes I want to cuss and post certain things on my social pages. I have to keep my mouth closed and not go off. My mom always checks me on the stuff I post on social media. I have to constantly remember  what I’m building.Companies look into your social media when you want them to buy into your company. There have been times that I wanted to give up  and during that time, two days out  of each month I cry for two days  straight. Then, I get over it. I have to always remember what I’m creating.

I always ask this one question, do you believe your upbringing and the foundation of your home has contributed to your success?

Most definitely! I had an amazing childhood. My mom  may have struggled for me to get what I wanted but she always kept me in activities. Dance was my life. I was told to never work a job I didn’t like which is probably why I go from job to job.

Who is iconic that you look up to in the industry you are working in?

Oprah and Tyra banks ! Oprah because she is so diverse and relatable to all women she interviews. Her interviewing skills are beyond amazing and crazy. Women sit next to her and pour their eyes and heart out to her. You can sit next to her and just cry.

Tyra is fabulous  as well. She is very commercial  and managed to surpass the original brand she built for herself. The medium of those two women are powerful. They truly maintain consistency in the industry,

How did you come up with the 20’s Chronicle and what continues to inspire your writing on being in your twenties?

I was bored in a class revamping my website and I started writing about being  twenty and dating. once I left class and was in my car, I wrote more. No , I wasn’t writing and driving. But during that time  I  said hey I should just make a blog. My mom used to read a book that was called something chronicles, so I got the idea from the ending of book title. I made it unique and just went with the 20s chronicles. I received so much feedback once I uploaded the blog, that I decided to stick with the idea. I  write about I have been through. I relate the topics to my life in order to relate and share with my readers. I use my story to connect with others.

What  was your worst interview  and why?

There were two guys  I interviewed , at the Wiz Khalifa concert in LA. I was doing press release work at for my show.Because of the work I do,  you never really know everyone who hits the red carpet and not everyone has their own publicist to give them the publicity they need. Long story short, the two guys, I interviewed rap on a Ty Dolla $ song. I literally had no idea who they were. I mean the guys literally had a mixtape with Ty Dolla $ and all. That was pretty embarrassing , but I played it off.

Your look on TV is classic, original, sophisticated but fun, what tips can you give us on what works for your appearance that gets the job done?

I think it’s all about your body shape. It’s certain things  I can’t wear. You want to have a look where men are attracted to you yet, you want young girls to dress like you as well. I’ve learned to shop in my closet, working with fashion trends. Kevon Young Square is my stylist and together we work on a budget.He helps me so much.

What  projects will you be producing in the future?  Share with us what new interviews you will be launching soon?

I want to continue my show but would like it produced under a digital network. When you have a higher name over your brand,  it makes your brand better. Right now, I’m interning at TMZ. So I will be learning so much more on things that will help me in the future with my brand.

I have interviews from Grammy week with Malcolm from the Cosby Show and Anton Kelly from Mark Walhberg new movie The Gambler, as well as with a girl from the MTV Hit show, Sweet Sixteen . There are many more coming soon for 2015!

To keep up with the Buzzing Bianca Bee , follow her on instagram @biancabee or like her page on facebook at Bianca Bee. Keep up with the 20s Chronicles on


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