Picture Perfect Model Behavior with Kat the Model


This past year, during a cold blistering winter in Detroit,  I had the pleasure of meeting  and interviewing high fashion model Kathy Thrasher, ( also known by  Kat The Model).

 Kat started modeling back in 2012, after receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University.

When asked how did Kat the Model get involved with modeling, she said,” I always wanted to model, I just never knew how to get into it.So many people would come up to me asking if I was a model. I got a hold of a friend name, Sun Chez, who told me about a casting call for a show walk.  From there, I made numerous connections in the Detroit modeling industry”.

Kat, who changed her name to Kat The Model on social media, certainly has more to offer than her modeling career.

She’s also been a brand ambassador for many products including D’usse and has been named by Soo Detroit Magazine as Beauty and Brains.

Looks doesn’t just kill for  this devastating jewel. While interviewing Kat the model, she talked highly on education  and why her brand is focused on being a positive role model to young girls.

Kathy Thrasher who delights in traveling, is a hard worker on and off set. Her image is classy and sophisticated, in the words of Janelle Monae ” an electrifying electric lady”

Checkout this exclusive interview in Q & A style with Kat The Model as she chats about her  modeling experiences from Detroit to Chicago and New York to  LA.

Bre Nicole J:

What are some challenges you have overcame moving ahead in the modeling industry?

Kat the Model :

 “Definitely me being shy. I had to get over my insecurities. I mean we all have them. Sometimes we think we aren’t good enough. I overcame by stepping out on faith and auditioning for my first show . When people were showing that they liked me, it gave me more confidence.  Getting more experience in the field and getting more shows definitely helped me out. Now I’m helping young girls who look up to me.”

Bre Nicole J :

What don’t people know about the modeling industry, that they may want to be informed on?

Kat the Model :

 “There is always constant pressure on you to maintain your look and weight.   You have to constantly watch what you eat and take extreme care of your skin. The age for modeling is from around the tender ages of toddlerhood and the cut off age is 30 for women. For men the cut off age is 40.”

Bre Nicole J :

What negative stigmas have you came across because of your occupation as a model?

Kat the Model :

  “Sometimes people will ask ” would you ever do lingerie modeling?” I tell people all the time that I would never do nudes or anything provocative that is beneath my standards because of my morals. I do swimsuit shoots and it’s always about how how it comes across. How the shoot comes across is a concern of mines. Everything has to look classy and not sleazy.

Another negative stigma is not being compensated for the work I do. Models should be paid based on their experience, especially if it is something you have been doing for a while and have created a name for yourself.”

Bre Nicole J :

What makes you different than other models branching off into high fashion and print magazine?

Kat the Model :

  “I still go hard for what I want meaning I still pursue modeling. Some people try it and if it doesn’t work out for them or if they don’t do well, they give up or don’t invest in it seriously. I’m always working hard at it, whether it’s working out , watching what I eat or going out of town on vacation to network. I take my work with me, even on my off days.  I remember that I am not going to be young forever so I take advantage of every opportunity.”

Bre Nicole J :

Let’s get in to the work that you have done. You’ve been featured in many projects and work including, Ambassador, Walk Magazine, Native Detroit Magazine, Access 4 Artists, walked in many walk fashion shows, the Ultimate White Party, Michigan and Detroit Fashion Weeks, just to name a few . Out of all of these, which was your favorite and most memorable being apart of?

Kat the Model :

  “Definitely the walk of fashion in Detroit, because this was my first show. I learned about what happens on and behind stage. This gave me a big confidence booster. That is where it all started and where I met many photographers. I also enjoyed ambassador because I was published for the first time as a model and that was a super exciting experience. Lastly, modeling in the BET FASHION experience in LA would count as my most MEMORABLE . It was a paid show on television and there were all kinds of celebrities back stage. The environment was extremely laid back . There were no rehearsals or prior fittings. Everything happened the day off and the nice part was the other models were pretty friendly as well. The event ran really smooth and was very well organized and professional. I enjoyed that.”

Bre Nicole J :

You were in New York City  for two major events highlighted around the country. I’m talking about New York’s Fashion week and the NBA All Star game. Were you modeling or promoting another business adventure?

Kat the Model :

  “I was brand promoting for an adult or alcoholic beverage called D’Usse. That was fun. I was invited to fabulous parties for free as I was promoting the product. As you are promoting what you are promoting you learn about the product the day off., so I had to act. I had no idea what D’Usse was. After tasting and testing the product , I could be honest with clients. I was able to interact with higher end clientele during All Star Week by working the VIP booth. There were many CEOs, including the CEO of the product, and people like Wendy Williams were there as well.”

Bre Nicole J :

On Model Mayhem it also states  that you are interested in becoming a Victoria Secret Model, are you still embarking on that big break?

Kat the Model :

  “When I did my research, I found out the cut off age was 22  and I’m 25. But I’m a firm believer that if you go after your dreams, anything can happen.  So I’ll still go after it. Even if I never become a Victoria Secret’s model, I won’t be disappointed . You know they told me that my boobs were too big,  but  now I’m interested  in being a fitness model. I played sports and have a muscular built shape. However , I won’t ever give up on my dreams.”

Bre Nicole J:

Have you ever thought about auditioning for America’s Next Top Model?

Kat the Model :

 “I have! I actually auditioned three times! The first time was when I was 18. There were crazy long lines. The casting director sees you for like 18 seconds and that’s all. I wanted to give up a little bit because I was unsure if the show was still focusing on modeling or if it was about presenting drama to get viewers and good ratings. I haven’t given up to try again, it just takes some motivation.”

Bre Nicole J :

Any new projects we can expect from you in 2015 or 2016?

Kat the Model :

 “For those who don’t know I am also in pageantry. I was Miss Great Lakes.  I am currently working on running and winning the title for Miss Michigan under the Donald Trump Foundation.  Hopefully I can win Miss Michigan in order to embark on winning Miss USA”.


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