An Angel Raised from the Dead


If Satan couldn’t keep Jesus from rising from the dead, you know he can’t hold angels down that are meant to win. Female Rapper, Angel Haze is one who definitely knows a thing or two about rising from shame to glory. Between the ages  of seven and 10, Haze was molested countless times by friends of her family. They highlights clips of what they experienced in a  song video called, “Battle Cry”.

Haze was born in Detroit, Michigan , growing up on 7 mile road and later relocating to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 16. While growing up in Detroit, Haze was involved with the Apostolic Faith Church, in which they ( meaning Haze) define as a cult.  Haze was not allowed to listen to secular music, wear jewelry, or communicate with others who did not belong within the congregation of the religion

In Haze’s music she gets down and dirty talking about her experience with religion and sexual abuse, that many are afraid to discuss.  Cleaning Out My Closet, a sample from Eminem’s song, revealed the pain Haze experienced as a child and in her adult life.There is no filter with what is discussed, in hopes to let the audience know that child sexual abuse and assault is a very ugly scene.

“There are people who go through this s#%* every day, and people turn a blind eye.They’re too scared to say what happened to them. To make people feel uncomfortable.”

What many may find surprising is that most of her responses from survivors come from men and boys. Of all the responses she has had, the ones she treasures most are from fellow survivors. Haze told sources, “Surprisingly, more boys than girls,” and that “A lot of guys were like: ‘I’ve been suffering, I don’t know how to love anyone, you really helped me with that.'”

Haze admits in her music that because of her experience with childhood sexual abuse they ( referring to Haze) have suffered with gender identity, struggled with having a relationship with a man, as well as lesbianism. She currently identifies with a sexual orientation called pansexual. Pansexual means someone is attracted to that person regardless of their gender. Pan is the latin root of all. Haze recently came out as agender , which means genderless or without a gender. Agender person prefers to use they or them for gender neutrality.

Haze has been nominated for VMA awards,  featured on the BET Cypher for the BET Hip Hop Awards,  and has worked with numerous artists including Iggy Azalea and Ludacris. They are  currently signed to Republic Records and continues to use their voice to empower others. Their story was only motivation to succeed and overcome.


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