Mixing Business with Pleasure 

Is it truly possible to mix business and pleasure without any drama breaking out and the relationship turning sour ? Sure you guys have great chemistry and synergy when working on big business ventures but what happens when your lover decides to call the lovemaking quits and just focus on making the money ? Will things still remain as they were and be completely professional ? How about if that lover is an ex and you all agreed to continue be friends with benefits while engaging in business?                                                                                                                                   I honestly believe a true business partnership as a couple will not completely sustain itself unless the two are married and/or building a life together and are equally yoked in that area. This maybe from my own biasm from my personal experience. We all know that arguments and fights can get brutally nasty and yucky . Words are often exchanged and emotions can overule logic . If couples are going to do business with one another , personal issues should be left in the bedroom and wiped off in the shower . If personal issues are going to be conflicting with business , those issues should be addressed immediately. And if the personal or business relationship is going to be terminated , it should be discussed among the pair . It is very unprofessional when a service or commitment to do a service is not followed through because of personal issues. Especially , when a service was already paid for . Obligations must be met before a declination of the ultimate relationship. 


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