They Don’t Call it Hot-Lanta for No Reason — It’s Time for Love and Hip Hop In The A


Are you ready for a sizzling  and spicy summer as the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4  serves you up right with a little southern hospitality??? That’s right! The cast is back, bringing you more drama, deceit, lies, and secrets. The premiere of the new season is scheduled to begin Monday, April 20th at  8pm Eastern Time.

The cast will return producer, Stevie J, and wife Joseline Hernandez, rapper Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon ( the baby mother of rapper Lil Scrappy), Momma Dee (Lil Scrappy’s mother), Rasheeda, Kirk, Mi Mi Faust ( the baby mother of Stevie J), Nikko,  singer Kaleena and husband Tony, Karli Redd, and Yung Joc .

New cast members include Niko’s wife, and even DJ Holiday and wife, with more surprises as the show runs throughout the spring and summer months of 2015.

Benzino and fiance’ Althea will not be returning along with Waka Flocka and wife Tammy Rivera. Sources say Benzino and his love, Althea, were fired by Mona Scott Young and crew.

Also, earlier this year,  it was reported that Joseline Hernandez  will be missing in action for the first four episodes of the show, as she was suspended without pay for last year’s brawl with cast members during the reunion show of season 3.

Of course I don’t think anyone saw that fight coming? And even though we now know that the reality tv show of Love and Hip Hop is scripted  and fake ( as Joseline Hernandez spills all the beans during a lawsuit trial as Althea pressed charges against the actress), cast members say the brawl was so unrehearsed and spontaneous.

 The Question of the day : Why is reality tv so enticing? What draws people to the drama and action?

If  you’re ready for the heat? Checkout the super trailer of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4.


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