What Pop Singer Megan Elizabeth is doing to Kick Bullying back to Hell’s Gates

Seong Megan Elizabeth 1

Megan Elizabeth, a rising pop singer in LA has one captivating journey.  While chatting on the motivation and drive behind  her music career, Megan Elizabeth shared her trials over overcoming bullying. Megan who is 19 year is deciding to use her voice by kicking bullying back to hell’s gates.

Sometimes kids can be really mean and cruel. In high school, Megan was picked on and bullied due to one of her closest friends spreading a false rumor. Elizabeth was tormented verbally and physically by  students at her school. Elizabeth experienced so much pain that she sought out to fight her battles in unhealthy ways.

” I was involved in narcotics and alcohol”, Elizabeth explained. In order to cope with the mistreatment in a more positive way, she embarked on finding other avenues besides partying, drinking, and engaging in reckless and risky teen behavior.

Megan Elizabeth eventually went on a quest of spirituality. She began to pray and through this she found a new outlet of freedom. Music was that avenue. “I practiced everyday before and after at 5 am”, says Megan.

When Elizabeth realized that music was her true passion and calling in life, she decided to give up her college career and move to Los Angeles. Elizabeth confesses in the interview,  “It was a huge step and very hard decision for me to leave college. But it was hard for me to be an artist,  work my youtube channel , as well as get my followers up while focusing all of my time on school work.  I was so focused on school but I feel like I made the right decision.”

Elizabeth  is  also an advocate for using her gifts to help the world and  shares, “We have special gifts. I’ve only been playing music for a total of 3 years. But with hard work, dedication, and passion, you can accomplish  anything”.

Her positive out look  on life has helped her achieve what she lives for. She also gives credit to God and her parents. ” I love my parents. My parents are like my rock, they are extremely supportive, encouraging me to try new stuff with music. They have helped me overcome a great deal of hardships . They’ve encouraged  me to share my story about bullying.”

Check out more of what Megan reveals in this exclusive interview about music, touring, and what mega superstars she has worked with in a Q & A interview below.

Closer to you? What was the motivation behind it?

I wrote that song. My producer and I were in the studio trying to find a single to write and that was it. It was 6 months ago and I  was originally a country artist. I was so sick of writing the same music over and over again so I wanted to try something different. I wanted to do more so of a  party song .  ‘Closer To You’ came about as I was going through a relationship struggle,  trying to get the guy to trust me. That’s what inspired the lyrics.

What’s it like working with media personality Jeannie Jones?

People  define her as the ‘Oprah In Training’.  She is also known as “The Kitty in Training”. Jeannie Jones is amazing. She has done radio , vlogs and keeps everything very professional. Jeannie takes things to the next level, especially with video content. She helped me gain my subscribers. Everything looks so professional and very upbeat. She knows what she is doing and  has a great vision for videos in media.

How was your experience being at the Grammy’s and Oscars?

It was great to network and reach out to other artists.  Everything was well put together and the performances were fantastic. It was inspiring to watch all the artists in one spot and to be in the same place with many who are doing what I’m doing. I had the privilege to talk to Sam Smith. Smith and Mary J Blige are some of my favorite artists. I was also recently on the show set of “Empire” with Mary J Blige.

Are you touring? And if so any trips to Detroit soon?

My work has allowed me to opened up for a lot of people. I’ve performed at street festivals, where I was the headliner and played for  a crowd of 50,000 people. It’s an awesome feeling to know that my music continues to reach various crowds of people, while  connecting with people and my fan base. I feel amazingly blessed that I have an amazing team behind me. I will be touring around Massachusetts  soon and then to  Miami and back to LA. I would love to travel to Detroit.

Not only are you gifted, you’re also a philanthropist or activist I should say. What work do you do for the ‘Be Kind No Bullying’ campaign?

I promote  being against  domestic violence and bullying,which is a big part of my life, in all of my videos. All through high school I was the one that was picked on. Occasionally I travel to a high school and play my music for the kids at that school. I share  my experiences as well as share what they can do to end bullying and promote love and ‘Be Kind’. It’s also a program called ‘Champions Against Bullying’  that I’m involved in. Being bullied is something that sticks with you your whole life.  I haven’t necessarily overcame it, but I have found ways to cope from it. God helped me a lot.

Because I am an advocate against domestic violence and because bullying a verbal and physical message of violence, what message would you like to send to young girls and young boys!

You may feel the need to put others down in order to make yourself look better or  may have a bad home situation, but in no way should you belittle someone or make someone feel low. A person gets bullied at least once in their lifetime.  As  human beings we are all required to love each other and make the world a better place. If you need help , there are people out there to help you . There is hope. I am an example of that. There is purpose and light at the end of the tunnel.  That’s what my song diamond is about. Waiting to see the light and waiting to be shaped and shine.

What do you want your fans to know about Megan?

I love to cook! Food is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I love baking and I probably shouldn’t because it’s awful for me LOL.  Cooking is one of my favorite down time things for me to do.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m doing a version of crazy in love , with one of Madonna’s dancers. I’m also getting involved with acting and  been on TV sets and music videos as features in the Ricky Martin’s videos. I was also in a Dawny Commercial! LA is such a great place for music but it depends on what type of music you are doing.  LA  is a great place for pop culture music. Always remember that you have to have a plan  though and to never move  just move there. Otherwise you may get  stuck.

Megan’s message to her haters and those who bullied her are, “Thank you, I didn’t know it at the time but I would have never been here without you. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, but the bullying  I went through  made me come out stronger.  I found the love of my life, which is music”.





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