Believing the Lies Some Men Tell


When a woman loves a man, it is so easy for that woman to fall for just about anything “that” man says. While watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I’ve  realized how “un far” women have come from truly understanding the game.  To give my readers a little background information on the reality TV show ” Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, it is a hip hop show , highlighting male producers in the rap industry, their female counter partners,  and the constant relationship issues that accumulate from their business and personal life .

It’s clear to state that the men on this TV show do not know how to keep their penis in their pants . Ultimately reality TV has  now turned into the new soap opera of CBS .

Whether it’s from the husband, baby daddy, boyfriend, “friends with benefits” or ex– a woman will always fall hard for the man who has or “had” her heart.

Because some men know that,  it can be easy for some to manipulate their way into a woman’s heart. So why do some men do these things regardless of how genuine a woman is? It’s all a part of a game of who wins. Psychologically many of these men who play this game learn from a womanizing family member.

In the blog “Decoding Male Behavior : Why Do Men Lie” by  Eric Charles, Charles writes:

“In order to have a truly fulfilling relationship or even start a healthy relationship with a great guy, you need to come from a place of strength, confidence, and fulfillment.  In a relationship a person must know who he or she is .

I’ve done so much research on who lies more— men or women. Honestly none of the sources I’ve researched have came up with sufficient evidence. I’m learning that people are people and it’s good to have wisdom and knowledge in order to avoid certain situations. If someone does not know who he or she is, it is easy to place  the blame on the opposite  sex  on who does what wrong or who lies more.

It’s all social science!

Still the question is, why do women continue to believe the lies of certain men, when the proof is in the pudding. Is it because some women are afraid to believe the truth? Or choose to ignore the truth out of love? Women must learn to stop pacifying a man’s wrongdoing, especially when lies are affecting his life as well as hers.

Sometimes a man will lie in order to play his position  in the game to cover his own lies.

Lies and deceit never end well. Someone always ends up getting hurt. And with today’s society, the hurt can be more than just a broken heart. Men ” you’ve have got to be more careful these days”  Fatal attraction is deadly and quite real to be honest.

Shawn Croft  wrote in the Top 10 Reasons Men Lie to Women is “For better or worse, it is a fundamental part of our lives that may not be moral, but still remains. There are many, many different cases in life where telling your woman the truth only gets you into trouble.”

Men can lie for simple reasons  just to get the “kitty kat”, but that’s the old fashioned game that the pops and uncles taught to their sons and nephews in the 80s and 90s. In today’s age men can lie because of self esteem and pride—which is crazy because isn’t this still the same concept??

Other reasons are just to get what he may want out of that woman or to avoid a hazardous argument.

I’ve noticed that when men get girlfriends sometimes they just lie in order to have their freedom ! suggested that the number 10 reason was

“if you tell your girlfriend you got toasted with the guys last night instead of preparing for that nice weekend in Vermont, she’ll flip. Oftentimes, girlfriends are simply too sensitive to accept the fact that you held your own and did something your way. You’d be wise to realize that you’d save yourself and your woman a lot of time and pain by blurting a little lie instead.

Other reasons why some men lie is because the woman who is on the side does more than the woman who is ideally considered as the main chick!

Top five things men lie about include — “I’ll call you.’ ‘I love you.’ I’ll be home in 20 minutes. I’m going to leave my wife , and It’s not you it’s me (hint’s it really is you )

Other lies men will lie about include their family or children. Men understand the concept between nature and nurture and can manipulate their way into a woman’s heart by conning. If any woman does not believe this blog posting, then have a son.

Here are some tips to be weary about just in case you suspect your man is lying to you —- given by “Tips from the CIA for Detecting Lies ”

-Dodging a direct answer to your question may indicate the person is trying to come up with a good answer because he or she doesn’t want to admit the truth.

-Denial in accepting responsibility for an action done. Some cues are :  If you ask someone, “Did you do it?” and he or she answers  “I didn’t do it,”  “It was not me,” or “I didn’t do anything,” instead of  just a simple “no,”  that significant other may be lying.  Giving such answers are a way for the person to psychologically avoid an out-and-out lie.

-Repeating the question  helps buy the person time while he or she formulates a lie.

-Using attack strategies such as  “Why are you wasting my time with this stuff?”, “You’re asking a stupid question” , ” You’re the one with the problem” “You’re crazy for asking that” can be a way to attack the person asking questions when the liar feels trapped or backed into a corner. He or she may try to discredit your character or abilities.

Being too specific. Sometimes a liar may provide too much information to make a lie sound to be truth.

See more at:

When it comes down to it, a woman has to tap into her intuitions of life that God has given her. If it doesn’t feel right then don’t believe it.  And like  Yo Gotti said ” women lie, men lie”.

After hurt has overcame a woman’s life , isn’t it logical to want to heal instead of venturing into those same lies of believing what some men say. Men are only people just like ” a woman”. We all lie.

In life a person can’t subconsciously focus on the truth until he or she acknowledges the truth!

Let us know your comments and thoughts! Believing the lies some men tell!


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