Do You Boo: Be A Boss

boss-600 (2)

We are all bosses. You just gotta figure out where your heart is and what’s your purpose. The closer you are in finding your purpose, the clearer your view becomes. Being a boss isn’t an accomplishment or entitlement , it’s an inheritance.

We all have the privilege to be a boss. The Creator blessed us with a type of authority and power that you have the power to unleash. We limit our abilities because of the negative images we place in our mind.  “You gotta go do you boo” as my best friend would say and stay humbled.

Build your self esteem up and conquer the world one day at a time. What you want is already in the universe to claim , you just have to reach for it.  No dream is too small or too big for you to conquer. Never let money get in your way from succeeding because if God put it away for you to have , He will bless you with it and make away .

Stay on target and stay focus. The moment we give our minds idled time is the moment we sink a couple steps backwards from accomplishing and meeting our goals.  A boss is simply a person who built a successful strategy to win in life.

Money doesn’t just constitute a boss. A BOSS is built with integrity, drive, adversity,  & ridicule.  Bosses don’t bring other bosses down just to work their way up. I saw in a post that the acronym for BOSS is a ‘A Woman Who Believes, Overcomes, Sows, and Serves’. Another acronym is ‘Built on Self Success’, but real bosses know that their success is also built with the help of others whether it’s help from a client or help from other employees.

Bosses help other bosses that are struggling so they can have another boss sit beside them when they make it to the top.  Preparing to be a boss is hard work and it takes an unlimited portion of  tenacity and humility .

Whatever your goal is, it is important for you to work on it . The first step is to see the vision in your mind. The more you see it, the more it will be in your heart.

Whatever is a desire in your heart becomes your focus. That’s not just with goals, it’s with anything. The more value you place on something will be what you deem as important in which you will have a high regard for.

Too many of us settle because we don’t even realize our own potential in life. A person who doesn’t recognize their own potential does not know their purpose in life and without purpose what are you living for?

Some people don’t want to see their potential because they feel it is worthless.They may not say it, but they show it in their lives through their actions. No one’s potential in life is worthless.  Life without purpose is purposeless . Why waste breath ?

Figuring out purpose isn’t easy but think about all of those things you’ve been through in life? Did they make you or break you? What was the lesson behind it all? Can you help someone else in life now because of those things you have encountered? It may not be exactly what you want to do at the moment, however, eventually your purpose becomes you and gives you the freedom to live life more abundantly than you ever thought.


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