Living In the Fast Lane at Twenty

Why do people buy things to impress people that don’t even care if they survive in the end.  Sometimes people burden themselves with unnecessary bad financial habits. Many get to an age  or level of success where they can spend just because they may have a little more money in their pockets.  The more money people make, the more people think they have , when in fact people should be saving more or investing in a longevity business plan.While being in college, I have learned that I consume more than I make. I am learning my deadly financial bad habits now so later on I won’t make the same choices I made in the past that will hurt my finances.

Simply put it , if you don’t have it, don’t spend it. Everything we may see , is not for us at that time.

Looking back at things, I was never ready to move into my apartment at the age I was  while being in college. I was a junior in taking  15 credit hours and only working part time. On top of that, I caught a case for an OWI (Operating While Impaired),  that put  my parent’s and I on a financial road of recovery. During this time, I  was also not planning on becoming a slave to a business that did not value my employment, just because I needed the money. I fell into more of a slump and decided to put my financial struggles on a backburner in order to decide what I was good at under pressure, to make money.

I began to find passion in teaching, reading, writing, and found love in taking a journey  back to my youthful dreams as a child.

You know the simple stuff — the ‘back in the day’ dreams that I  fell in love with as a kid!

Then God revealed to me that I’m a teacher based off of my personal life experiences.  This led me to follow my passions of writing, becoming more evolved with school programs that needed mentors, following my love for radio broadcasting, and bringing awareness on sexual assault, mental abuse, domestic violence and suicide.

As a  writer it is always important to reach an audience that can relate to the topic. Although writing comes naturally, I  still have to spend countless hours  reading and researching topics that I can use  to reach others.

Falling in love with radio came as second nature; as I would spend countless hours as a child listening to music and talking to myself after a song would stop , being a commentator.

My financial burdens have allowed me to use my natural abilities and God given gifts, focusing on the passion first and not the love of money;  impressing people that don’t even know my story.

It’s more to life than this ‘money thing’ and living fast, getting caught up in the high life.

Many people aren’t taught how money works. They are  taught how money is used and not how to control it.

If Barack Obama made a State of Emergency Speech today stating that the green we work so hard to obtain no longer has any value, what would you be living for?

I’ve learned that money is two things : a voice in the world and second currency as a means to survive currently.

In order to take control of your money, you must take control of your mind and be disciplined.

Commercials and advertisements plant seeds into the minds  of people that they are worthless without a particular product that the flesh has been desiring for some time. Yet buying a specific product could place some people in more debt than they are willing to accumulate and may not have asked for.

A smart consumer looks at the risks of purchasing the product. They take the time  out in studying the product, before making the decision  to buy.  Research first!

Living in the fast will cost people more than they can bargain for and can afford.

When making financial choices view the risks first and then look at the gain. If the risks are too steep for someone at the time of purchase than he or she may need to reconsider that financial decision whether it is purchasing a home, car,  or renting an apartment, especially at a young age.

Invest in yourself first! Because money is second currency use the money you make from a job to either save, invest in starting your own business, and paying off what needs to be paid off.  Smart people develop more than one way to obtain income! Tap into your mind and use the skills God blessed you with.

If a young person can learn financial responsibility without being stressed about making ends meet then he or she can learn how to be on the way to financial stability.


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