Tyrese Releases His Album Black Rose ; Is R&B Back?


Grammy Award nominee and actor Tyrese Gibson is on the grind as an independent artist, revamping the music he so passionately fell in love with; R&B.

For the past two years , the accomplished sensation has been working on a new album called , Black Rose, that is now out in stores.

On Instagram Tyrese posted videos of him promoting the album all around New York City— from the subways to the streets, leading up to the album release signing.

Tyrese wants everyone to know that his album is doing well , charted as No. 1 in 11 different countries.

That’s right his album is fit for every audience, especially his fans that have been waiting to hear more R&B these days.

Most of the songs on the album are very slow and mellow, with the usage of Gibson’s deep yet strong  emotional heightened vocals.

On his album, is a song called ‘Dumb Shit’ featuring Uncle Snoop that talks on all the ‘bs’ some men will take their women through; taking the love for granted, and getting caught up in lust.

‘Waiting On You’  describes patiently waiting on a woman’s love and never losing hope. Because no matter how long it takes love perseveres.

The song and video ‘Shame’,directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Denzel Washington, focuses on an old time singer , making a confession on battling with his inner demons (drugs, violence, and lust) and abusing the love of his wife.

Tyrese confesses that infidelity played a role in the demise of his last relationship and the development of ‘Shame’. He announced to sources that music is the only thing in his life that is still pure.

Tyrese says, ” My song ‘Shame’ is my most personal song ever because I did some things to my girl that I was ashamed of. The song is not for fake people who have never done anything that they are ashamed of. It’s just one of those real songs and no disrespect to anyone or the songs they are singing and everyone is independent and I don’t need you and I can do bad all by myself but the songs that break through now are the ones that are transparent and I am broken and I do want you to stay”

Although Tyrese is now single, he still is looking for his wife. “I just want to roll over to something consistent and real,” says the artist.

Tyrese also takes his fans back to the days when R&B spoke volumes in the ‘romance and sensuality department’.

Is it safe to say that baby love making music has returned? ‘Don’t Wanna Look Back’ featuring Chrisette Michelle, ‘When We Make Love’, ‘Gonna Give You What You Want’ and ‘Body Language’  are  songs just for the lovers who are grown and sexy!

In a 40 minute documentary produced by the singer, he takes his fans on a journey, venturing into how his career all got started, leading up to his final project, ‘Black Rose’.

“I’m just in a different head space and I just got 50/50 custody of my baby [daughter Shayla]. Shout out to all the fathers determined to spend more time with their babies throughout the court system that doesn’t make it easy for us. Musically, the fans have been rocking with me since the beginning and ‘Black Rose’ is my gift. I was in a relationship for five years and that relationship ended. I was fighting for custody of my baby and my brother Paul Walker died and it all happened back to back. I had to dig deep to push out positive social media through my pain and I was the one in need of the most positivity and the most prayers.”

Like Tyrese, many R&B artists have been rumored  to call it quits on making the music that so many fell in love with.

Black Rose is now in stores at Target, WalMart and on ITunes.


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