And Another One Bites The Dust! 21 Million Social Security Numbers Hacked

Where is Antoine Dodson when you need him? ‘Lock your phones,  Lock your laptops, and put a lock on them social security cards too cuz they hacking everybody now.

The  Director of OPM (Office of Personnel Management) Katherine Archuleta  is resigning due to social security numbers of 21 million people being stolen. Government officials report ‘in high confidence’ that the stolen social security numbers were hacked from the government background investigation database, and thus far the incident is only affecting Americans that work for the federal government.

Information obtained from the breech includes very delicate and sensitive information such as classified background check information. Because background checks have information regarding family members of employees, addresses, health information and history, phone numbers and other information, many are worried that this information could be used to blackmail, harass, or threaten government employees.

One source reports that it’s far worse than what the news has been reporting. News coverings have not highlighted the fact that the security breach is not  centered just on Americans who work for  the federal government.

Author Katie Palvich of states,

“the attackers were in our networks so long that it may still be a while before we figure out everything they stole. Most news coverage has centered on federal employees. But that’s an incomplete picture because it’s now clear many victims never worked for the federal government. When applying for a security clearance with the SF-86, applicants list their family members, neighbors, co-workers, foreign contacts, and even college roommates.”

OPM says the breach of  the 21.5 million records “is separate but related to a previous incident” in comment of the identified 4.2 million current and former federal employees who had their records stolen previously.

Americans who had a background check through OPM beginning in 2000  are more than likely to have been affected by the incident and background checks prior to 2000 are less likely to affect Americans.

The  Director of OPM (Office of Personnel Management) Katherine Archuleta  is resigning. With China being reported as the alleged hackers in the  scandal, the breach is  recorded as the biggest one in American history seen. It was said that OPM was warned last year about not having the proper cyber security protocols  to prevent an attack that could possibly occur.

OPM will notify all persons whose information has been compromised in the weeks to come. They will also offer at no cost full service identity restoration support and victim recovery assistance, identity theft insurance, continuous credit monitoring for three years, and identity monitoring for minor children.

However the National Treasury Employees Union is asking for a lifetime of credit monitoring and identity theft protection for all of their employees.


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