No More Debate, South Carolina Officially Removes The Confederate Flag


BY: Media Personality THYREALTKAY

Removing the Confederate flag on July 10th, 2015 from the South Carolina’s Statehouse grounds was a symbolic victory, but some are questioning whether bringing it down accomplished anything for race relations in the United States.

Bree Newsome, the activist who was arrested for taking down the flag late last month, tweeted: “At what point do we ask what this stubborn refusal to remove the flag indicates about racism in US government?”

South Carolina had flown the Confederate symbol since the dawn of the civil rights movement. State officials removed the flag Friday due to the death of nine African

American churchgoers last month involved in a mass shooting in Charleston. This tragic situation triggered yet another debate about the divisive flag and its connection to the Confederacy, which seceded from the Union over the issue of slavery. The accused shooter was a Confederate flag enthusiast.

Removing the flag won’t eliminate racism, poverty or  lack of access to resources in the South, according to reports from a Vanderbilt University’s professor,  Carol Swain. Swain says it might make things worse, given the strong feelings of some whites and blacks over Confederate imagery.

Others view the lowering of the flag as a positive first step in racial reconciliation. What do you think about the Confederate flag being removed from the South Carolina’s statehouse ?


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