The Baphomet Being Unveiled In Motown! Where Are The Preacher’s Of Detroit? And The Citizens?


Is no one talking about the baphomet being unveiled in the city of Motown? Where are all of the good ‘Preachers of Detroit’ ?  Last year a group associated with ‘the satanic temple’ made plans to build the satanic image of the baphomet inside Bert’s Warehouse Theater.

Originally, the statue was predetermined to be place next to the Oklahoma State Capitol’s monument of the Ten Commandments. The Oklahoma Supreme Court however made a ruling to remove the Ten Commandments Monument outside of the state Capitol.

Spokesperson Lucien Greaves told the Washington Post,

“The entire point of our effort was to offer a monument that would complement and contrast the Ten Commandments, reaffirming that we live in a nation that respects plurality, a nation that refuses to allow a single viewpoint to co-opt the power and authority of government institutions.” 

The finished Oklahoma statue illustrates the satanic winged, goat-headed icon, standing at nearly nine feet tall, weighing one ton. The baphomet statue will get an unveiling party on Saturday, July 25 in Detroit at 8pm, with the theme of “dress to impress the devil”.

In a press release from 2014, members of the group said the statue is, ‘already the most controversial and politically charged contemporary work of art in the world.”

So why Detroit you may ask? Detroit is the location for the group’s  first national chapter house. “Detroit is our first and primary chapter,” spokesman Doug Mesner says. “We feel at home in Detroit.”  Spokesman Greaves also stated, “We just have a good community over there.”

Founded in 1701 and named by the French because of the narrow river that connects Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, Detroit has encountered some brutal trying times. From its eminence,  serving as the state’s capital in 1837 to the devastation of  the 1947  and 1968 Race Riots, as well as the corruption that has taken place from faulty  decisions made by former mayors and politicians, the people of the city have continued to fight to keep hope alive.

Continuing to fight for a  major comeback,  Detroit is historic and responsible for its gospel making music, The Big 3 automobile companies of Chrysler, Ford, and GM, and  the classic sounds of motown.  Even though the city is currently being rebuilt from filing bankruptcy, with help by those who have ‘leverage’, is it safe to say that the people of Detroit are safe from religious persecution, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew?

Greaves told sources that the statue will not stay in Detroit and that  it will have a home in Arkansas where a Ten Commandments monument is also being planned to be the home of.

Pastor David Bullock of St.Matthew Baptist Church, and from the reality Tv Show on Oxygen, “Preacher’s of Detroit’ , has spoken out about  the baphomet statue and is condemning the movement saying, ” The last thing we need—in a city where we’re fighting against violence and fighting against economic problems and unemployment and the water crisis—is a statue dedicated to satan right downtown. Bullock spoke with Christianity Today last week addressing the real motive behind the building of the statue. ” They’re bringing a baphomet statue to the city of Detroit valorising, elevating satan. This is not even a real religion in my estimation.

Fox 2 News Detroit did a special on the show ‘Let It Rip’ for Bullock  and the director of the temple, Jex Blackmore, to discuss their conceptions. Bullock said on the show, “The statue is supposed to create a dialogue, but statues don’t talk. If you want to have a dialogue with other faiths, send an email in advance or knock on a door.”

Blackmore isn’t too happy with Bullock’s attempts to start a protest advocating against the movement and the agenda to move forward with building the statue. “You’ve started a protest against an organization that you clearly know nothing about,” Blackmore says.

Bishop Charles Ellis III of Greater Grace Temple is untroubled by the statue in Detroit. He notes that America was built on freedom of speech and freedom of religion . “If we ask others to be tolerant of our religion, we are going to be asked to be tolerant of their religion as well, ” Ellis says. “Tolerable does not mean you have to practice what they practice or that you are condoning what they are practicing. I’m not saying I’m being accepting. I’m just saying I have no control over that.”

The culture jammers of the temple are even pushing for a separation of church and state. They have already disbursed Satanic literature, while stretching  the lengths to be counted alongside displays of Christianity inside the state of Michigan. The satanists even reared together a holiday display on Lansing’s Capitol lawn once finding out a Nativity scene was being proposed for the location.

Is the goal to eradicate the Christian church? Is this the beginning stages of future agendas being pushed against Christianity? Let us know your thoughts?


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