Can Dressing Sexy Stop Your Mate From Steppin’ Out On You?


There are many people who have probably glanced through numerous blog sites on how to have a satisfying relationship, while keeping your mate happy and from cheating.

Some blogs and forums have catchy titles like  ’10 Ways to Stop Your Man From Cheating’,  ‘Here’s How to Stop Your Husband From Cheating’,  and ‘Can Being Loving, Caring, & Faithful Prevent A Man from Cheating on His Wife’.  And although some of the advice used may make the romance in a relationship better, it doesn’t necessarily mean a man won’t cheat on you.

‘Ten Ways To Stop Your Man From Cheating’ suggested that  bonding with your partner, great sex, smiling, good cooking, remaining sexy, making your man feel special, being supportive, having the right group of friends,  not nagging —complaining, or not making your man feel less than a man are helpful ways to keep your man from not cheating.

Yet even at the end of the blog, it says, “These really are just ways to TRY and STOP your man from cheating and ARE NOT a GUARANTEE.”

No matter how hard you try to make a man happy, certain men will still venture off to find something that they think is better.

I saw a comment from a post on ‘Can Dressing Sexy Stop Your Man From Cheating’ on Facebook saying,

“Here’s the thing : Dressing up for your mate takes a desire and interest. A lot of women get comfortable and don’t do the things that they didn’t think mattered in the beginning of the relationship. Men too for that case. I won’t say just dressing up for your mate will stop him from cheating but when you’re with a woman that completes you it’s much harder for other women to even get your attention to get close enough for cheating to happen.”

A man cheating on a woman has nothing to do with the woman he is  cheating on. If a man has his  mind made up that he wants to cheat, he will do just that. It becomes a woman’s problem , when she knows her man is cheating on her and she continues to tolerate the destructive behavior.

When a woman continues to run back to the same destructive behavior that tears her apart inside, she is now responsible for the things her man is doing because she is allowing it.

A Marriage Counselor by the name of Gary Neuman says women have a great deal of power in their marriages and relationships. Neuman’s book ‘The Truth About Cheating’ shares interesting statistics about infidelity.

  • 1 in 2.7 men will cheat, and most of their wives will never find about it.
  • 92% of men say that affairs aren’t primarily about sex.

Some of the reasons men cheat is out of loneliness or because of void fillers, needing affirmation from another woman, and because he simply needs attention and is not getting enough attention from his woman. A man must be completely secure within himself and his relationship to remain faithful to a woman.

The women men cheat with make them feel valued, secure, and appreciated. “Men love to win,” says Neuman. “If you want to make men feel secure, make them feel like they’re winning.”

Nueman has conducted many research projects through surveys to get the answer on why men cheat.

The blame always seems to be put on the woman when a man cheats or addresses ways in which women can stop their man from cheating. Truth is a man will do what he wants.

Neuman wants women to know that it’s not their fault and not a blame game. His book, The Truth About Cheating’  about empowering women and giving women reassurance.

Doing great things and being presentable for your mate may add quality to the relationship, but Nueman adds that cheating is not about sex.

88% of the men said that the other woman wasn’t better looking or in better shape than their wives, in Nueman’s study.

Emotional disconnection seems to be the No.1 reason why men cheat. “Men are very emotional beings,” says Neuman. In the book Nueman expresses how 12% of men will cheat no matter what their spouse or partner is doing to keep the quality of the relationship strengthened.

Ladies, Keyshia Cole said it best in her song ‘ Let It Go’.

‘You need to get if he don’t wanna love you the right way he aint gonna, it ain’t where he’s at , it’s where he wanna be’. 

Let us know your thoughts on cheating and comment below!



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