MTV’s Real World Star Pushes ‘Real World’ Politics for Revitalizing the Millennial Conservative Women


Who would have ever thought a former cast member of MTV’s reality television show ‘The Real World’ would be so open and opinionated on a political platform?

Well, Rachel Campos- Duffy, the wife of a U.S. Rep. , Sean Duffy, R-Wis, who was also a cast member of the ‘Real World’ is quite the voice and is never afraid to speak her mind on controversial issues.

It is known that many women with a voice in politics tend to shift more to the liberal party or are somewhat in between conservative and liberal. ‘But it doesn’t have to be that way,’ Campos-Duffy stated.

Rachel Duffy is a well known political activist, who is also a mother, television personality, a pundit, blogger, speaker and author of the book “Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood’ and the national spokesperson  for The Libre Initiative, a conservative Latino association. This may not be the norm for a woman who was once on a reality TV show.

Duffy met and spoke with a group of women at the Conservative Women’s Network Luncheon this past July, ‘We need young people like you to lead the way and show [politicians in Washington] how it’s done’. Campos-Duffy went on to say, “You have the power to be an opinion maker , a trend setter, to be a leader in your school. on your campus, on the Internet, in your job and in popular culture, and you’re all already doing it.’

Campos-Duffy believes that conservatives have a lot of work cut out  and must work on restructuring the communication models that were used in the past to fit the times of today.  Campos-Duffy also believes that it will take the  millennial women to  lead new campaigns for the conservative party due to millennials being more in touched with the trends of social media.

“The movement needs revitalization’,  Duffy says. ‘It needs leaders who aren’t afraid to go to the lion’s den of media scrutiny and talk about topics other than the policies they are pushing on Capitol Hill”

Campos-Duffy even explained how President Obama has had success in the eyes of media, becoming very popular on social media, on shows like ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and even doing on air radio interviews. Obama marketed himself to be appealing on many forms of media outlet for communication purposes and to attract a younger crowd.

Duffy wants conservative women to speak up on the issues they are concerned about and to use their voice to empower other women as well. “Conservative women know that life is a little messier and a lot fun when you throw out the feminist rule book and just do things on your own terms, says Campos-Duffy.

Recently, Campos Duffy has also been on Fox News addressing the Islamic State recruitment in America, and also touching on the Catholic church for becoming too ‘feminized’.

How do you feel about the views of Rachel Campos-Duffy?  What does being liberal or conservative mean to you?  And should all people have a voice in policy making, not just conservatives, or liberals?



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