Let’s Get Downnnn and Dirty with VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ Cast Member DJ


‘Dating Naked’, is one of thee most controversial dating reality television shows since the premiere of  MTV’s 1992 airing of ‘The Real World.’

D J,  whose real name is Donnell Clayton is a  23 year old native from Detroit, Michigan and one of the cast member’s of VH1’s reality Tv Show ‘Dating Naked’ .  DJ who has been single for the last five years is  turning up the volume by branching into the second season of ‘Dating Naked’ , that premiered back in July.

You can expect naked jump roping and naked limbo dancing from this crew member. He enjoys being around family and friends, watching movies on Netflix, working out, traveling, and living life to the fullest.  DJ also has other surprises for his fans coming soon, but of course  he can’t air out all the beans in the bag !

VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ has been getting some heat from many parents  who believe television has gone too far.

Dating Naked,  is what many guys  in college would see and take as the perfect opportunity to pursue a woman. Although, there’s ZERO ‘Parental Control ‘over what happens in the episodes of Dating Naked’,  please hold your horses parents because, ‘‘Dating Naked’ from the looks of things  and of course the episodes isn’t  what it’s rumored to be on this season .

Have some fun diving into the beach life  of ‘Dating Naked’ !

Check out this exclusive Q&A interview along with some clips and even a special message from DJ hanging out on insidethegirlsroom.com. Don’t forget to tune in August 5th, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1 to see DJ on the show!

What made you want to get involved with a production like Dating Naked?

“I didn’t  even apply for ‘Dating Naked’. I got a phone call from VH1 while I was at work. I was still in the database for Viacom when I had auditioned for another reality TV Show.  VH1 asked if I wanted to do the show. During the time , it was cold and snowy so I was like hey why not.”

So please explain what Dating Naked is all about, I got confused when I saw Chris and Katie and then Chris and Kerri talking about their relationship while engaging with other potential dating partners.

“Chris and Kerri dated first and are the main characters/ leading personalities on the show. If Chris or Kerri like you then they keep you around. Every episode Chris and Kerri go on dates with other guest daters and decide on who they would like to keep. At the end of the episode Chris and Carrie decide on if they would like to keep the new date they just met on the show or stick it out with the old dater. It’s all process of elimination.”

So what is it like , literally just being around people who are naked all the time?Are you all always naked on the show? Men and women?

“It’s not as weird as everyone thinks it would be. It all depends on how comfortable you are. It may be a personal  or self confidence thing depending on how comfortable you are within. Clothes are optional inside of the house. However once  people are stripped  of their clothes on the show, they get to know each other better. You’re forced to just know one another because you’re all just naked, so everything becomes less physical.”

Do you guys really catch feelings on the show? Have you caught any feelings or  made any real life connections with the people on the show?

“On my episode we were all like a group of friends, just turning up and having fun.We all talk and still have a close bond. It wasn’t out of control or a lot of drama like other reality shows. It was all about just having fun. My parents didn’t believe I was doing the show. They said  ‘ Oh well if that’s what you want to do, then you’re grown so ok’. And it’s weird because my father is a Pastor of a church. My whole argument  was Adam and Eve were naked so why not.”

Who is your favorite cast member on the show?

“Angie from the first season  is my favorite because she just seems real and cool  and we’ve definitely communicated on Instagram and Twitter. She never even kissed Chris, she was pretty reserved in that field more than the other girls.”

I think Dating Naked is a great concept, because you have to feel secure within yourself in order to be that open with another person. Some men would be intimidated about being naked 24/7 in front of a woman? How have you been able to be secure within yourself while dating naked?

“It’s weird because all of my friends ask do you get a boner I’m like no. But it wasn’t an intimate setting. Everyone was relaxing. It was like just hanging out at a beach. I wasn’t uncomfortable.”

“Maybe if I was in high school it would be a little different. To be a grown man and to have dated and have girlfriends, it’s not a big deal. We’re just naked, dating, and having fun. If it was an intimate setting , of course being alone in bedroom with candles and being naked things would probably be different. But, we were all in a group setting or on our dates doing different activities.”

How was it playing the game ‘naked jump rope’ lol?

“That was so random lol. We just started jump roping out of no where. We also did  limbo and a strip competition because  there were two strippers in the house. Chris, the main personality, and I engaged the idea. I told Brad who was a stripper that he should strip for Kerri and for Harley who was also a stripper to strip for Chris.  Chris was like thanks ! We couldn’t use any music so we had to make our own music, one of my homeboys  Mason on the show played the guitar while Johanna made some noises to make a stripper beat.

Let’s talk about the film Carter and Cody you are currently working on? What is this about?

“It’s basically a web series filled with comedy, romance, and drama covering the lives of a young savvy  business  professional couple. My character is Cody, an investor for a new business, while Carter who is  the female character that plays my girlfriend  working at a law firm.”

“Cody fathered a child before his relationship with Carter and Carter has a hard time getting along with the mother of Cody’s child. Cody and Carter have been together for six years. Carter feels upset because she feels that she should be married by now. The film shows the stress and frustration black men deal with when trying to do right by their family and in life. There are also a few twists and turns as well, with people in the past coming back into the present. We just wrapped up season one.”

How long have you been acting and has acting always came natural for you?

“Actually I haven’t. I’ve done commercials, extras in the new Batman and Superman movie as a prison mate working out in one of the scenes. And I’ve done modeling as well.”

What advice would you give to any young talent branching into the acting world?

“It’s all about selling yourself as far as branding and marketing. You have to make people see you how you want to be seen. You have to brand yourself how you want to be seen in front of the general public. When you go to my social media, you will see in my biography that I am an actor and I model. That’s what I’m all about. Some people’s social media does not reflect exactly what they describe in their biography. It’s not their actual life. Be what you say you’re about and be true to yourself. “

“ It’s also important to reach out a lot. I find myself sending various emails to people and writing my biography to tell people in the emails who I am. That’s how I got connected to VH1, just sending an email with all of my information. My information was still linked to the database to get casted for the show. I can’t do any reality TV shows outside of the network for a year due to my contract, but I have a lot of things lined up for me after my contract is up.”

“ With emails and reaching out to people, you can’t get discouraged when you don’t get a reply. People will get discouraged so fast after only one attempt at reaching out and no one answers back. Sometimes people will reach back out and sometimes they won’t.  People like the sound of things but don’t want to put in the endless effort that goes into getting what they want. It takes hard work. I work my job  (a 9-5) and also film too. Getting up at 6am and getting off to go film late at night is a sacrifice. You have to have the drive and passion. There are times when I don’t want to go film but I force myself to stay up and read my scripts to do a scene that actually always turns out wonderful. It’s the same with going to the gym. Even with my busy schedule, I still find time to go to the gym and work out. Everyone wants to have a great body but no one wants to put in the sacrifice to work out, limit their drinking and the foods they take in.”                           


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