Know Your Vices , Success Depends On It

ViceBackground (1)

There is a saying used by society called, ‘ Pick Your Poison’. The term has been around for a pretty long time and YESSSS everyone has them. Maybe it’s weed, sex, food, or money!

The greatest of greats have fallen all because some were unable to cast their ‘ poisons’ or weakly flesh desires aside. Others were unaware of their vices until it was too late.

Vices are practiced behaviors that are considered vile and immoral by definition.  Some vices are just ‘plain bad habits’ that get in the way of a person reaching for his or her full potential in life.

A great example is the amount of hours spent on watching television. The New York Daily News reports that the ‘average American watches five hours of television a day’.  But none of us should be working to become average!  Everyone  should want to be great and in order to obtain greatness that means a person has to want to change on particular behaviors that can stop them from being great!

Another example of a vice include the need of always wanting attention.

Vices create addictions and deadly distractions that spiral out of control. Sometimes a vice doesn’t even have to be a distracting aspect in a person’s life for it to be a dangerous and harmful force to someone’s well being. Not to mention how it can also destroy the structure of a family.

Laziness, a big nail in someone’s foot, can ultimately stop a person from having the motivation to succeed and do work. Many people do not know that laziness is indeed considered a vice.

Having a lust for money, a vice that is trending and occurring rapidly fast, continues to foster the hearts of people, who will go through great extremes just to obtain this thing called ‘green’.  In comparison with a lust for money, would be the lust of material things. It is absolutely fine to want nice things that are expensive, but when the motive in life becomes to only want material things , then a person may do anything in life to get what he or she wants. Doing just about anything can make a person lose his or her morals. Think twice before just doing!

The constant use of alcohol, drug usage, and the over consumption of marijuana, created for recreational use overtime can cause a person to become highly addicted to the product, which can make it hard for a person to stop the use,  to deliver consistency or following through with obligations, being reliable, and can ultimately keep a person in a prison or bondage of that particular vice.

Another vice that is still a taboo topic is the enjoyment of pornography.Although there is much debate about whether or not porn is an addiction, the viewership of porn is continuously rising. Whether or not porn is an addiction is not really the topic of this blog, however too much of anything is not good and like any ‘addiction’ if a person does not know if he or she has a problem and indulges in the overconsumption of ‘something’, it can become cancerous.

70% of the porn sites receive their traffic between 9 am to 5pm on the workdays. The porn industry is a $97 billion dollar industry, while alcohol continues to be a $400 billion dollar money making industry and tobacco at the lowest, pulling in nearly $35 billion a year.

If these products are making billions a year, this must mean that people are buying them.With your chosen poison, always remember that it won’t just cost you the drainage of your pockets, sometimes it can also threatened your health. Although not all vices require finances, it is important to weigh the cost of every vice that harbors within your life.

So what’s your vice or vices?  Do you know what your flesh cringes for?


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