Social Media Helps Reveal The Harassment of Women in Saudi Arabia

By: Multimedia Personality ThyRealTKay

Social media is normally a tool used for branding or promoting a business and  networking with friends, family, and strangers from around the world. Yet, who would’ve ever thought social media would be a source to reveal sexual harassment? For women in Saudi Arabia, social media is helping women use their voice and spread the message of harassment!

According to reports, two videos showing men harassing women on the streets of Saudi Arabia have gone viral , renewing the debate about sexual harassment against women in the country.

A tweet was posted on July 26th from the official Twitter account of the Emirate of Mecca, announcing the offender from one of the video footages. The offender has indeed been caught and will be prosecuted accordingly.

In recent years an increasing number of women in Saudi Arabia have used social media as a resource to document and confront the ongoing issue of harassment.

Women are being harassed in the workplace, malls, and city streets of Saudi Arabia. Yet in Saudi Arabia’s conservative society, instance of physical harassment are rarely reported to authorities due to shame and fear.

In a national survey conducted in 2014 by the Riyadh-based King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, 80 percent of participants attributed sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia to women as “deliberate flirtatious behavior.”

Some may think and say the harassment could be due to flirtatious behavior, however due to the videos on YouTube that received millions of likes, others may disagree.  What do you think?


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