Topless Women Paraders March Through The Streets of NYC


Women going topless is most definitely legal in New York City. Many protesters for women’s rights and gender equality marched the streets of Manhattan in celebration of ‘A Topless Parade’ this past Sunday. As demonstrators continue to fight for gender equality, hundreds of women can be seen in pictures with no shirts and paintings of words on their breasts

“Free your breasts! Free your mind!” said one card from a demonstrator , noting that Women’s Equality Day is  Wednesday August 26th.

Protesters would like bare breasts to be normalized in our society, so mothers can breast-feed in public without  feeling guilty or ashamed . The Topless Women Parade is to also support young girls that suffer from  body dysmorphia (a body image disorder) to make them feel more confident within themselves.

“If men can do it, then women can do it,” Nickii Raynor, 18, of Shoreham said of toplessness. “It should be all or nothing,” she added.

This marks the eighth annual ‘Topless event’ in New York City, but the first march with gaining support from 60 other cities worldwide.

The event brought in quite the publicity for protesters as  bystanders in Times Square stood to watch. “I hope you’re here for equal rights and not taking perverted pictures of me,” Phoenix Feeley, an East Village activist, told a male-dominated crowd. Sources have stated that there were men in total support of the parade, even though some reports have stated that the parade wasn’t very family-friend oriented.

Check out some of the pictures of this year’s protests from all over the world!

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