Straight Reppin’ #FLEXINMYCOMPLEXION Hashtag Battle : Celebrating Women of DARKER Skin

By: Bre Nicole J

Women of color,  particularly with darker skin tones are perhaps the most misrepresented and underrepresented women in mass media. Sure you have your Kelly Rowland’s, Gabrielle Union’s, and Naomi Campbell’s, however not every woman with darker skin reflects the images of those mainstream celebrities.

There is a challenge on Twitter sparking conversation called #FlexinMyComplexion. The conversation raises a question on what color of skin is beautiful?  Although all shades of skin tones are beautiful from fair to darker tones, #FlexinMyComplexion was a movement  designed due to the lack of darker skin tones in mainstream media.

In a video explaining the movement, there is a journalist, Maisha Z. Johnson, on the BBC Trending video who explains briefly the foundation of the movement. The movement was motivated by an artist of the name Kameelah Janan Rasheed.

The BBC Trending video, published on August 19th, 2015, has over 4,000 views and incorporates a search of the phrase ‘beautiful skin’ online? What was found were the images of white beautiful women and  three women of color once you scroll  all the way down.

This is what led a group of Twitter users to start the hashtag challenge #FlexinMyComplexion in order to celebrate darker skin tones. Women of color began posting their own images,  capturing images of deep tawny, bronze, mocha, milk chocolate and dark ebony as a way to highlight the complexity and diversity of beauty.

On Instagram alone, more than 2,800 photos appear on the #flexinmycomplexion hashtag. Some of the women participating have used the #flexinmycomplexion label in a variety of unique ways to show of their beauty.

Although there has been some backlash from some women, stating that #FlexinMyComplexion is a form of reverse racism, as well as all the controversy behind #BlackLivesMatter, it is fair to say however that the images depicted from the google search ‘beautiful skin’ shows that our society still looks at women with fair light or white skin being more beautiful than those women of darker complexion. All colors of skin should be included in the search , because not every woman is the same in complexion.

Check out the video below



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