Where Are Your Credentials?

By:  Bre Nicole J

We’ve all heard the saying, anything worth having is worth fighting for ! So if your career goals are worth it, the fight at developing a strategy for your success starts with you! There are so many people on social media promoting and labeling themselves as being ‘this’ or ‘that’ or ‘doing this’ or ‘doing that’ in their biographies, yet where are the credentials to show for?

It really bothers me when people say I don’t have to go to school to be such and such! … Whether or not you have to go to school to become what you want to be shouldn’t matter… You should still educate yourself on what it is you love. Education isn’t just going to a 4 year university! It’s about having the patience to learn and doing the research on your own as well. Invest in your passion!

If you want to perfect a gift, talent, or craft, it is important to have the credentials ! It shows that you have put in time and effort to study on what you truly love doing.

A doctor cannot become a doctor without first going to medical school right? A lawyer cannot represent and defend a client  without first studying law and attending law school and a teacher cannot teach school without first becoming certified?

I have heard a lot of negativity in the city of Detroit from some people on my decision to attend Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Michigan. The comments I have received were from people who did not attend any form of schooling to work in the field of media, jumping straight into the industry without having any form of technical training.

My statement to people who have questioned my choice of schooling is simply ‘ I have always had a passion for radio and I want to go into the broadcasting industry’. Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield, Michigan is simply a stepping stool I’m using to go where I dream of with my career aspirations.

Before starting at Specs Howard, I became a proud student of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan! Go Broncos! When I first attended, Western Michigan University I was a communications major and minor in psychology. Then I switched the two with psychology becoming my major and  declaring communications as a minor.

Once I realized that studying Psychology in undergrad was pretty pointless for where I wanted to go with my life (because it’s all research based and a person can’t really work in the field of  Psychology unless he or she obtains a Master’s Degree/ PhD and other certifications), I changed my Major again, sticking with Family Studies/ Family Life Education and a minor in Communications.

Family life education focuses on providing strategies to sustain a healthy family functioning within the perspective of family system theories, while providing a preventive approach to all families who undergo stress, conflict, and crises.

The skills and knowledge needed for healthy functioning provided by the National Council of Family Relations are widely known: strong communication skills, knowledge of typical human development, good decision-making skills, positive self-esteem, and healthy interpersonal relationships

Having credentials helps identify a novices from an expert. People who want to learn more about their craft, study!

It seems as though people are just going for certain professions now to get money or get ahead in an industry that isn’t really their calling or purpose.

When you have a passion for something, you want to take the time out to learn more, work towards obtaining those credentials, and do the research to become better at your skill. It may be time consuming but anything worth having, is worth putting in the work.

Here are other reasons why it is great to have the credentials to back your knowledge:

‘The Case of the Credentials : 9 Reasons Why They Matter’ addresses the following, Credentials show,

  1. That you’re dedicated to the profession enough to keep learning and doing extra work in addition to your job.
  2. That you’re smart enough to earn them.
  3. That you’ve made a personal and financial commitment to continuing education, and to your field.
  4. That you provide additional value to your employer or your own company.  Credentials are marketed by firms.
  5. People hiring you can look at your portfolio and try to guess at your skills…..but there’s always the unknown of how much of the work you actually did.  Having credentials is a signal that others can understand.  They may not make you a better designer, but at least they are easy to compare.  Investing in yourself in this way helps others to feel a level of comfort investing in you as well.

See : http://www.land8.net/blog/2012/02/21/the-case-for-credentials-9-reasons/

Although experience is the best teacher, the fact that one has taken the time out to successfully learn more about their passion means they really want to grow in that field.

Before you seek to just do something in a field take the time out to get the educational tools as well. It’s more meaningful and the time won’t be wasted.

Ignorance is of the bliss! There is way too much education out here to allow your passion to go to waste, just because YOU think you know it all , or because you just don’t want to grow more in the field. Evolve and learn more to make yourself more marketable and creditable.


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