What a night for MTV’S 32nd Annual Video Music Awards and definitely plenty of shade to talk about mixed with celebrity empowerment and some great laughs!

The show opened with a performance from Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. The two hashed out their differences on stage together performing “The Night Is Still Young”.  Now that’s what we call woman empowerment on insidethegirlsroom.com ! Swift appeared out of sight from a lifting elevated stage joining in on the song’s chorus while meeting Nicki across the stage to join in together and share the performance. The song shifted into a segue of Bad Blood , where the two shared a friendly grim look. In July Taylor and Nicki exchanged words over a twitter  that the media tried to make it more than what it was ! There was never a bad vibe just miscommunication, but the performance that the two did definitely showed that WOMAN EMPOWERMENT does exist between all nationalities and races.


But while Minaj and Swift are on great terms and shared a hug on stage, of course things can’t always be so ‘sisterly’ in an imperfect world.  While accepting the best hip-hop video award for the song “Anaconda,” Minaj gave her thank yous and then proceeded to take a jab at Cyrus over a  recent New York Times story  published last week, in which Cyrus appeared to side with Swift in her past beef with the rapper.

“And now, back to this b***h that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press,” Minaj expressed, mean mugging Cyrus, saying “Miley, what’s good?”

Cyrus who was the official host of the award show responded  defensively, “Hey, we’re all in this industry, we all do interviews, and we all know how they manipulate s**t. Nicki, congratulations.

Although hostility between the two broke out that night,  rapper and fashion designer Kanye West seemed to definitely out do himself in an 11 minute spill. I mean it’s just ‘Kanye, Bro’ .  Accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award on stage from Taylor Swift that evening, West apologized to millions on how he approached  and completely ruined Taylor Swift’s speech during the VMA’s in 2009, after Swift won Best Female Video (in which she won the same award again for the 2015 VMAs).

Being the American Sweetheart that Swift is, told the audience that West’s “College Dropout” album was the first she purchased on iTunes when she was 12 and even called the rapper her ‘good friend’.  She  did her own rendition of the now-infamous  line “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time” by saying “All the other winners, I’m really happy for you, I’m going to let you finish, but Kanye has had one of the greatest careers of all time’ before presenting Kanye with the Vanguard Video Award and proceeding to leave the stage to stand beside West’s wife Kim Kardashian West to listen with open ears to the speech.

Kanye spoke of all the aftermath he experienced after interrupting Swift’s award speech in 2009. He stated, “You know how many times MTV ran that footage again, ’cause it got them more ratings? Bro, a lot.” West also pointed out the fact how it really didn’t hit him until he started to get booed at baseball games and in public. In his speech he explained, “The problem was the contradiction , that I do fight for artist, but in that fight I was somehow disrespectful to an artist” as he gave another infamous speech with 12 bros proceeding his words.

“Sometimes I feel like I died for the artist’s opinion”, he added in ” I’m not no politician bro. And look at that…. You know how many times MTV announced Taylor was giving me the award because it got them more ratings. I still don’t understand award shows. I don’t understand how they get five people… to get stand and at the carpet and for the first time in their life and have the opportunity to be considered a loser”

Kanye West also stood up for Justin Timberlake who he admitted being friends with and said he has seen grown men who have worked hard on their craft and gift cry because of not winning an award based on a critic.  Justin Timberlake tweeted ” Kanye is so cute yall”.

Check out the transcript of Kanye’s entire speech is below:

“Bro. Bro! Listen to the kids. First of all, thank you, Taylor, for being so gracious and giving me this award this evening.

And I often think back to the first day I met you also. You know I think about when I’m in the grocery store with my daughter and I have a really great conversation about fresh juice… and at the end they say, ’Oh, you’re not that bad after all!’ And like I think about it sometimes. … It crosses my mind a little bit like when I go to a baseball game and 60,000 people boo me. Crosses my mind a little bit.

And I think if I had to do it all over again what would I have done? Would I have worn a leather shirt? Would I have drank half a bottle of Hennessy and gave the rest of it to the audience? Ya’ll know ya’ll drank that bottle too! If I had a daughter at that time would I have went on stage and grabbed the mic from someone else’s? You know, this arena tomorrow it’s gonna be a completely different setup. Some concert, something like that. The stage will be gone. After that night, the stage was gone, but the effect that it had on people remained.

The … The problem was the contradiction. The contradiction is I do fight for artists, but in that fight I somehow was disrespectful to artists. I didn’t know how to say the right thing, the perfect thing. I just … I sat at the Grammys and saw Justin Timberlake and Cee-Lo lose. Gnarls Barkley and the FutureLove … SexyBack album … and Justin, I ain’t trying to put you on blast, but I saw that man in tears, bro. You know, and I was thinking, like, ’He deserved to win Album of the Year!’”

And this small box that we are as the entertainers of the evening … How could you explain that? Sometimes I feel like all this s–t they run about beef and all that? Sometimes I feel like I died for the artist’s opinion. For artists to be able to have an opinion after they were successful. I’m not no politician, bro!

Look at that. You know how many times MTV ran that footage again? ’Cause it got them more ratings? You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award ’cause it got them more ratings? Listen to the kids, bro! I still don’t understand awards shows. I don’t understand how they get five people who worked their entire life … sold records, sold concert tickets to come stand on the carpet and for the first time in they life be judged on the chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser! I don’t understand it, bruh!

I don’t understand when the biggest album, or the biggest video … I’ve been conflicted, bro. I just wanted people to like me more. “But f–k that, bro! 2015! I will die for the art! For what I believe in. And the art ain’t always gonna be polite! Ya’ll might be thinking right now, ’Did he smoke something before he came out here?’ The answer is yes, I rolled up a little something. I knocked the edge off!

I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight, I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, bro. But all I can say to my artists, to my fellow artists: Just worry how you feel at the time, man. Just worry about how you feel and don’t NEVER … you know what I’m saying? I’m confident. I believe in myself. We the millennials, bro. This is a new mentality. We’re not gonna control our kids with brands. We not gonna teach low self-esteem and hate to our kids. We gonna teach our kids that they can be something. We gonna teach our kids that they can stand up for theyself! We gonna teach our kids to believe in themselves!”

If my grandfather was here right now he would not let me back down! I don’t know I’m fittin’ to lose after this. It don’t matter though, cuz it ain’t about me. It’s about ideas, bro. New ideas. People with ideas. People who believe in truth. And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen Kanye has decided to run for President in 2020! Get ready !

Among other celebrities who are changing the way media exploits the world of entertainment and standing for a social movement is Detroit’s very own Big Sean. Big Sean took home his first MTV VMA award along with John Legend for Best Video with a social message for ” One Man Can Change The World.”

Within the past five years, Americans have seen political and social movements fight their way back into mainstream media and pop culture, in which MTV added the category Best Video With a Social Message in 2011. The Finally Famous artist was greeted by Fox’s Hit show Empire’s cast members Jussie Smollett and Sereyah, who shared words saying :

“This past year has been one of epic highs and stunning lows. We’ve rejoiced in the victory of gay marriage. We’ve mourned the victims of senseless violence and we fought for equality and justice. We know the hashtags, #BlackLivesMatter, and #LoveIsLove to name a few. But the point is to make sure that these topics are not simply hashtags and they continue to be spoken about until they’re proven to be one hundred percent true. No art form in the world captures this more powerfully than music. Music helps us make sense of the world. A song can elevate a movement,”

As music other than the luxuries of fame and money work it’s way back music, Big Sean explained exactly how “One Man Can Change The World’ came to existence. The Detroit rapper paid homage and told the story of his grandmother, Mildred Virginia Leonard, the first female black captain in WWII and one of the first female police officers in the streets of Detroit.

Big Sean also mentioned how his grandmother Leonard received her Master’s degree, working as  a teacher and counselor for the Detroit Public School System. “I’m talking home cooked meals everyday after school. She made crazy accolades. And one person to show me that one man — man being human being — male or female can change the world,”  Big Sean explained, before he invited Kanye West to the stage and asked the crowd to  “make some noise.”

“I don’t know if y’all know the story but Kanye discovered me, put me on. I’ve been doing a lot of good stuff around my city with my foundation. If you hadn’t opened the doors for me I wouldn’t be able to do the stuff I’m doing. So thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. Making my dreams come true. I love you,”

Big Sean also gave a quick shout out to Travi$ Scott’s Rodeo album,  that will be released this week on September, 4th. Check out some of Big Sean’s reaction tweets to his win below.

I won!!!!

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    I performed w/ Hov last night, won a today for the most honest song I ever done w/ my idol. Man I’m so inspired…

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    RIP grandma! This ones for you!!!

Among other artists who hit the stage includes a newbie by the name of Tori Kelly, who did not  major exposure after not making it to the live coverage American Idol’s Season 9, has been gaining amazing views from her youtube channel.  She was signed to Capitol Records and just released her first album in June of this year.Kelly hit the stage singing “Should Have Been Us” from her new album , playing her electric guitar! She was definitely a sight to see!

Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus has a style of her own but geesh MOLLY OH PEESH! What was up with Miley Cyrus style for the VMAS! Can you dig it or NOT! If you missed out check out the pictures below


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