Getting to know someone takes time. Especially when venturing into a committed relationship. You never know who you’re dating until the person you’re dating reveals his or her true colors.

So are you that hopeless romantic who goes out looking for that ‘Perfect Guy’? Be careful, looks can be very deceiving and you may be asking  for more than what you can bargain for.

The Perfect Guy is now in theaters,  starring ‘The Best Man Holiday’ co stars Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut, as well as the ‘Think Like A Man’ cast member Michael Ealy.

Not to spoil the movie, if you haven’t already wasted your money , don’t bother  seeing it!  It wasn’t worth the ticket price. The plot was so simple! There was no catch and the ending was terrible.

Writer Tyger Williams could have put more thrill and suspense into the film, because all of the Hollywood stars have definitely done better movies and performances! However, there was another side to Michael Ealy’s character that is an unusual role  for the handsome 42 year old actor .

Lathan’s character Lea , a mid thirties career driven woman working for the Senator’s office, was ready to tie the knot with her current boyfriend Dave whom she had been dating for two years.

Lea was tired of waiting on Dave played by Morris Chestnut to pop the question and ultimately have a family, because she had been in and out of relationships and dating throughout her whole adult life. She eventually called off the relationship, finding what she thought was love in the arms of a man named Carter , Michael Ealy.

Carter, a handsome Information Technology Rep, used his charm, wit and gentleness to captivate Lea’s love, which was proven as lust. Lea had no idea that she would soon be the victim of a sociopath’s deep secrets of lies and deceit.

Although the movie wasn’t too impressive and quite predictable, ( definitely a modern day version of the 2002 movie ‘Enough’ starring Jennifer Lopez), there were many take away points the millennial generation could use in their conquest of dating.

When a man is not ready to marry he won’t marry you! Do not rush marriage, it will come in due timing. The key in marriage is staying married, not getting married.

Trending  memes on social media in regards to relationship goals continue to give people a false perception on what goes on in a relationship with people of two completely different personalities. Everyone does not want the same things out of life, so before seeing yourself be with someone for the rest of your existing life, make sure that person wants the same thing as well.

Looking for the ‘Perfect Guy’ is pointless because he does not exist. People are not perfect and neither are relationships! It takes work. Disney, hopeless romantic movies, and fairytales have given people a false perception on life. It takes two imperfect people to want to work out their problems with one another. Did I also say that those two imperfect people must be willing ! You cannot force another person to want to work on the issues of the relationship if he or she does not want to. A relationship cannot be forced.

Do not go looking for love and definitely don’t fall for the charm. Ever heard the saying that charm is deceit! Well, it’s very true. Charm can lead to deadly secrets that you may have never known about. Some also use charm as a way to manipulate their partner in staying with that person.

Another take away point which is probably one of thee most important that is a warning sign of danger. A man who has mommy issues is a man you may want to run away from and fast. In the movie, Carter mentioned that he was adopted. You could see the pain and anger on his face from describing how he felt when his mom abandoned him. That’s a sign of attachment issues ladies! Beware Beware! Men who have mommy issues will always have issues with his woman unless he is ready to heal from those issues.

Pay attention to the warning signs! If a man wants to move too fast, is too possessive, too obsessive, and is too charming, he may just be too good to be true!

The Perfect Guy was realistic but just not up to par ! Hopefully the soundtrack is decent. Speaking of Soundtrack! Who knew Sanaa Lathan could sing?

The Brown Sugar actress also just released a new single ‘Emotional’ that will be featured on the ‘Perfect Guy’ Soundtrack. The song features Detroit’s own Dej Loaf and has a laid back melody that may end up being every woman’s anthem for the 2015 fall season.

This is definitely a song you can bang out in your car!  Check it out below


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