Confessions with Bre 1.1 : My thoughts on Christianity and Being a Christian


In the beginning of 2015,  I had a vision to brand a page on Inside The Girl’s Room  using blog segments originally called Bre’s Daily Thoughts. The vision changed as with many things in life when I decided to share with the world the many aspects of who Bre Nicole J is,  Confessions with Bre.

I didn’t start working on the content of this dialogue between the readers and myself due to fear, preconceived judgment statements, failure, and the feeling of  ‘no one in the world would care to hear the crazy aspects of my story on this Earth.  As God is continuing to use me in ways that are often times uncomfortable yet very rewarding in the end, it is indeed a honor to open up on Inside The Girls Room.

Confessions with Bre will break down the challenging questions I and many others have on the world we live in today, highlight  and share on past decisions good and bad that have changed my life, give insight to purpose, and will challenge readers to dive deeper into their thoughts on life and humanity.

Although the title of this post may pose questions on religion and faith, I will be the first to say that I am not religious at all. I am spiritual, claim the Christian faith and enlightened with knowing that there is a God and only one God.

Those who know anything about the Christian faith know that Christians do not believe Christianity is a religion. It is a belief based on faith and wanting to seek understanding, knowledge, and power from God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

So  let me start by sharing a story that lead to this post in the first place.

I decided to get a cheap motel room to focus on my thoughts, goals,  and not  get distracted by the many things in the world  happening  around me. Especially those darn social media sites I’m using to brand efficiently. I also found myself feeling burned out, which is why I decided to not tell anyone where I was at.

Sometimes life can be one big distraction and although distractions will always be around, it’s important to be conscious and mentally aware when to eliminate  some of those distractions.

Before heading to my final destination for the night (The Red Roof Inn), a thought crossed my mind.

I began to write the thought on Facebook as a status , but decided that it needed to be broken down on a lengthier and larger scale—hence on a blog site.

Ok here’s the thought :

“If Jesus is God and God is Jesus because the two are One. Then that means there is no separation between the two. Think about it Jesus doesn’t deny who God is and neither does God deny who the Son is. The Bible can be quite confusing for someone who does not understand who God is . So if we as Christians don’t fully understand the relationship between Christ and God how can we explain it to an unbeliever who is doubtful of the existence of Christ and God?”

As a child I was always so confused about the ‘Holy Trinity’ and Jesus being God but then also being the son of God. No one really broke the entire concept of who God is down for me.  I was always unsure how to break down God to someone else when explaining who God is.

Truth is, it’s impossible to break God down !

Christians believe that Jesus was born as God in the flesh, to come and save the world from condemnation and that whosoever believes that Jesus is Lord, the Son of God (as we are all children of God) will not perish in the world or in their own worldly beliefs , but will be saved by the grace of God and have everlasting spiritual life.

What confuses many people about who God is— is not understanding that God is Spirit. The Holy  Spirit.  God is represented as omnipotent, (having unlimited power, able to do anything), omnipresent ( the ability to be any and everywhere), and omniscient ( all knowing and all seeing ).

Still pretty confusing huh?  Of course those whom are not Christians, and perhaps practice another form of belief, may consider a Christian’s perception  biased.

Which is fine, everyone is entitled to have their opinions and do what he or she wants. Christianity for me just makes sense, and although Christianity was the faith imposed on my life, I could have easily chosen a new route  considering the fact I have met people of different  cultures and religions.

However to understand Christianity, one must understand his or her own spirit , consciousness and level of self as a spirit.  People have twisted the word ‘Christianity’ so much that it has become just a label, title, or something you just are or do. A Christian is simply put a follower of Christ and a person who believes in the spirit of God and wants to follow the laws God placed to protect His people.

‘God is spirit— and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth’ John 4:24 points out God’s invisible feature.

One thing that can confuse an unbeliever is the masculine label of God. We as Christians always reference God as a He. Did God say He was a He? This is definitely confusing to even a Christian.

God should not be thought of as a fleshly human being. God has no shell or  outer ‘body’ like a human being. I decided to do some research on if there are truly any physical limitations on God’s being. As quiet as it’s kept, God transcends the physical limitations of human gender and sexuality. No God is not transgender either, just in case that was a thought going through someone’s head. The only limitation God has spirituality is allowing people to mock the traits and character of the Holy Spirit.

Because God is Spirit, God knows when we are faking the funk , untrusting, being unkind, malicious and deceitful with knowledge, our hearts, and our lives.

After reading some things on I also found out that God has imprinted both the male and female qualities of ‘His’ Spirit in side all of us. Hence ” We are made in the image of God” broke down some of the speculation on why God is mentioned in the Bible as He. The capitalized H in He for God is a personal pronoun and is used to denote God’s personhood, since God is not a person.  This is one reason for not using a lowercase g or lowercase h for stating  and identifying whom God is. (

” God is not an impersonal being devoid of personal  qualities. The Bible clearly shows that He has personal capacities of intelligence, emotion, volition. More importantly , God is intensely relational and forms personal relationships within the Trinity and with his creatures. Thus addressing God as ‘He’ reminds us that God is personal rather than a mechanical unfeeling force. Secondly, the masculine title might be used because of the distinctive functional responsibilities of males. In the Bible God gave males and females different roles: the males are assigned headship whereas females are assigned helper-ship. As such , the masculine title might be better suited to denote God to remind us of God’s authority and sovereign headship over creation, over both males and females” (

We always speak of God as a person and most of the time it is unintentional. Even the Bible mentions how we are to have no images of other gods. So why do we continue to have images of God when God is just spirit??? Wouldn’t that mean that the statues and images of what God looks like are considered false gods ?

Growing up, I was always taught not to challenge God or question who God was/is.

While traveling in this journey of life I have learned that God wants us to find out who He is. God wants us to know His Spirit . God wants to build a relationship with every person living on this Earth because He loves us.

Being alone in my cheap motel room , I felt at peace with certain things that God was intending for my life. I’m still a little doubtful at times  and can admit that I do get blinded by all the things happening around me.Sometimes I doubt God’s unlimited power and doubt that all of my needs and wants will be taken care of.

After attending a recent church service this past Sunday, I received a message brought from one of God’s messengers Evangelist Patricia Ashley. A tear fell from my eye. I was pretty embarrassed to fully break down and cry in church, but God knew I needed to be in that service to hear the words  ‘the King is up to good concerning me’.

What’s often not mentioned in Christianity is also how God is the King of Drama, as  mentioned by Evangelist Patricia Ashley. When I revealed this to my uncle , he stated no that’s the devil. Why is it that we like to blame the devil for everything bad as a Christian. Do we not realize that God is quite the character and a jokester.

In order for God to receive the glory and praise in our lives, certain situations and circumstances will occur that are dramatic in our lives. I have heard many people  say well if God is a God of letting someone die who meant the world to me, I don’t want to serve your God. Or if God doesn’t love gays then I cannot accept God into my life. Or the biggest one, God doesn’t do anything to end these mass murderings of innocent children and people around the world, stop cancer and diseases from overtaking someone’s life, or end world hunger and corruption.

I will address  the difference between what  some ‘Christians’ have said about gays verse what God has to say about all sin in general. God never stated that He hated anyone! God hates the sin but not the person . God hates all of our sin, the difference when it comes to some sin  such as fornication, a fornicator like myself recognizes sin for what it is and continues to ask God to remove certain sin out of their life.

Fornication is the act of having sex before marriage. When a person engages in sex with anyone, (husband and wife included) spirits are transferred because we are spiritual beings.

As spiritual beings we all have our own personal demons we battle with that torture us ( lust, greed, jealousy, etc). So if we are exchanging spirits while engaging in sex, we are also exchanging demons as well. Remember demons are considered spirits.

I’m getting a little off topic here, so let’s refocus!

Unbelievers think that God is evil sometimes because of how some Christians have displayed God’s character.  They as in unbelievers will know  we are Christians  by the way we display love and how we treat believers and unbelievers. God does not treat any of us differently and wants all of His children to humbly come to Him.

As Christians sometimes we forget that God doesn’t work on our timing and we take it upon ourselves to try to criticize another for their own sins. If Christians are known by the love that is shared to others, shouldn’t there be more empathy and genuine concern for  those who are living in their sin unknowingly?

A song sung by Beyonce , He Still Loves Me says, “Stand for Him or fall for anything because in His eyes we all look the same”. How can the unsaved or unbelievers be saved if the saved are continuing to shame and condemn the unsaved?

Another point that RARELY gets touched on in Christianity is the history! Because ancient history and modern history combined have misconstrued, distorted, and manipulated some things pertaining to the faith, many claim that the faith is a myth, not true, or that other “religions” dissect the same story of Jesus but use another name.  Since the Spirit of the Lord lives within us , people who are confused on the livelihood of Jesus are supposed to see the work He is doing within our lives.

Which brings me to my next point! The Bible is the only book within every culture that has the history of the Lost TRIBES of Israel . This isn’t to offend any ethnicity or make Christianity out to be a parade  based on cultural pride. However the reason why many Black people in America do not know their history and are blinded by taking on different forms of religious doctrines is because we are one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Don’t believe me look it up in Deuteronomy 28, even if it’s your first time reading  anything within the Bible.

Out of all the nations blacks in America have had everything taken from them, from  the separation of family  and the destruction of economic resources due to slavery, which is mentioned in the old testament .( never really discussed in churches however).

We rarely speak on taboo issues within the church  such as questioning scriptures, the separation of family, child abuse, domestic violence, incest, sexual assault, pornography, alcoholism. When these topics do come up, we also tell our brother or sister in the Lord “I’m going to pray  for you or Let’s pray together and ask God to remove those things out your life.” We forget that God has provided resources such as counselors and crisis centers to help people who are struggling with their stressors and “demons”.

Lastly why do Christians make it seem like reading the book of Revelation by yourself is so abnormal or scary. Although God’s character is spoken of as being full of wrath in the book of Revelation,  the whole entire Bible mentions God’s  character as being loving, jealous, caring, forgiving,wrathful, and a jokester as well.  Those aren’t bad characteristics and if you think about it since we are all made in the image of God, we all possess those characteristics.

The word HOLY as described on is being spiritual, humble, righteous, pure, believing, upright,  undefiled, and untainted. These are God’s traits as well, and because we are made in the image of God why not work on displaying God’s Holy traits.

The best advice is to lead by example (meaning don’t put people down when they fall short and eliminate shame and condemnation tactics that could put a sour taste in someone’s mouth about who God is).

This is not a post to insult anyone’s beliefs on God or Christianity! And in no way am I a minister! I just wanted to share some thoughts on how I felt. Personally to me without God nothing else makes sense.

What are your thoughts on Christianity and choosing to be a Christian or not a Christian?


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