Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ‘I Want You To Change and Why He Won’t’


It’s pretty simple. What a woman allows is what a man will continue to do. While watching a Love & Hip Hop Hollywood  episode depicting a nasty and very complicated relationship between Rapper Soulja Boy and girlfriend Nia (the daughter of Producer Teddy Riley), Nia continues to tell her friends and Soulja Boy that she just wants him to change.

Like many men other than Soulja Boy , if a woman continues to take in a man’s bullshit (the lies, deceit, other women, cheating, disrespect), why would that man change? It’s not even logical! If he can still get you and your goods as a woman and sleep with twenty others, he is not going to change. Truth is he may not change even if you stop giving him what he wants unless he is truly in love with you and wants to change his mindset. A person’s behavior cannot change without first their mindset changing.

Within these past six years from my past dating relationships, I have learned that if I want a situation to change left in my control, I have to change it. No human being can change another human being. So stating ‘I want you to change’ will always be in void. One reason being is because that person may not want to change and why should he or she ?  Once you give someone that much control over your life, it is important for you to take the next move.  Stop feeding into the fear of being afraid to leave and walk away from a situation that is no longer making you happy.

As a woman sometimes we feed into the excuses a man gives to us or better yet that four letter word. LOVE! We often tell ourselves and our friends, ‘I love him so I’m going to try to make it work’, or ‘He loves me so I am going to try to stand by him” But what happens when the disrespect continues to grow and get worst. A man that is getting everything handed to him, will continue to act the same way you choose to let him act!


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