Saudi Prince Acquitted of Sexually Assaulting Three Women In LA


A Saudi Prince, Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 29,  arrested in late September 2015 for sexual assault is now being dropped of all charges by Los Angeles County prosecutors.  Los Angeles County prosecutors announced on Monday October 26th that they will not file sexual assault charges against the Saudi prince.

A phone call was made on September 23rd 2015 to the Los Angeles Police Department by a neighbor,Tennyson Collins. Collins heard screams from a multi-million dollar mansion near Beverly Hills, Ca. The screams came from a bleeding woman who was trying to climb over an 8-foot tall wall.

It has been reported that the prince terrorized  and attacked the women who were maidens in the mansion, making unwanted sexual advances including Al-Saud rubbing himself against one and asking another “to lick my entire body”.

Sources have also stated that he also ordered staff members to strip by the pool to see their bodies.

One of the women involved demanded  Al-Saud to stop.  When asked,  Al-Saud then stated, “You’re not a woman! You’re nobody! I’m a prince and I’ll do what I want and nobody will do anything to me.”

One of the women’s attorney, Van Frish stated, “Al Saud has violently threatened and sexually assaulted his employees and publicly shamed these innocent women in the public eye, This is yet another example of the use of gross wealth and power to exert emotional and physical abuse on those more vulnerable.”

The case has now been dropped as a felony charge but could  be evaluated as a misdemeanor. The Los Angeles County prosecutors found insufficient evidence that did not warrant for felony charges.

“These allegations, brought for no other purpose than to extract money, are as baseless as they are salacious,” Al Saud attorney Stephon Larson said,  “The district attorney carefully considered these claims and declined to bring any charges; we anticipate that the civil lawsuit will end similarly, with a finding that all of these claims are legally and factually meritless.”

Sources :

Saudi Prince Avoids Felony Assault Charges After Being Accused of Sex Crime in Beverly Glen


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