Top 10 of 100 Blog Posts of The Year


Inside The Girls Room has reached 100 posts since its start in February of this year. Boy oh boy , it’s crazy how time flies!

Blogging is not easy! There’s so much consistency, time, research, and energy that goes into writing blogs and coming up with content.

As the Founder of Inside The Girls Room, I am proud to announce that we have reached 100 blog posts !

I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the growth of the website as well as dedicate this post to our top 10 out of 100 blogs of the year! The selections are recognized in order by the amount of views they received from our viewers.

Starting at Number 10 is

10. ‘Validation Comes From Within : Meet Detroit Hip Hop Artist Valid


Valid is no stranger to the Detroit Hip Hop scene. In fact he has been in the rap game for over the past 5 years. In this picture you can see him holding up a poster of the Legendary J Dilla. Although Valid did not personally meet J Dilla, he was very close with Dilla’s mother after Dilla’s passing. J Dilla’s mom recently passed away this past year.

Valid currently has a stunning album out called ‘Reach High’ that has a mixture of philosophical perspectives with a really cool conscious hip hop vibe.

He also has a new single called New Nasty (Murda Mitten Mix) that features the beautifully talented up and coming  artist Neisha Neshae along with Dirty Glove and Atlantic Records artist Dusty McFly , with vocals from singer Pierre Anthony.

9. What’s The Status of Your Relationship


Are you confused about what you are to someone else or struggling with keeping a healthy relationship?? Well ‘What’s The Status of Your Relationship’ brought in many views with the chance to win spot number 9 on the Top 10 out of 100 blog posts on Inside The Girls Room.

What often affects  the stability of many relationships is communication. When building a trustworthy relationship it is important to not keep secrets from the other person. What happens in the dark, often comes to the light.

8.Hunger Game’s Amandla Sternberg Confronts Kylie Jenner on Racist Hairstyle


Who could forget about the  beef sandwich between these two ladies during this past summer??? With racism still being prevalent in America, there has been a lot of noise on racial appropriation as well. Amandla Stenberg called Kylie Jenner out for mocking black culture .

7. Picture Perfect Model Behavior With Kat The Model


Not only is she a high fashion runway model, but she’s also heavily invested in mentoring and servicing her community. When I interviewed Kat The Model , I saw a genuine sweet person who is definitely  more than her looks. She is what defines a role model.

6. Social Media May Lead Women to Objectify Their Bodies


It’s the world of Instagram models, memes, updated statuses,  and gaining countless followers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of social media.  But could social media be the cause for women self objectifying their bodies?

This blog post brought in many readers as each one was searching for the answer.

Are you ready for the last TOP 5 MOST VIEWS ON INSIDE THE GIRLS ROOM for 2015! Starting at Number 5 is

It’s the Buzz with Upcoming TV Personality and Host Bianca Bee :


Bianca Bee is a TV Personality from Detroit, Michigan, who is living out her dreams in LA, California.  She has interviewed a plethora of celebrities from attending red carpet events and even on her tv show The Bianca Bee Show.

Bianca even launched her own Busy Bee Bootcamp that gives young women the ends and out on the business of media and  what it takes to build a successful brand.

Recently Bianca just launched her new app called Bianca Bee, that can be downloaded free of charge. The app keeps you up to date with daily blog posts on advice, beauty, fashion, and things she enjoys doing. Her interview is one to read!

4. PEOPLE PLEASE JUST LET THEM LIVE GEESH!! : Ariana Grande, Ariel Winter, and Zendaya’s Thoughts on Body Image


Celebrities, people in the public eye, always get criticized for the way they look by society.  They can rarely go out with someone pointing out a flaw here or there.  In this post, you will find what Ariana Grande, Ariel Winter, and Zendaya are saying to keep people in their place !

We often times forget that these are human beings just like the common folk. The only difference is , they are in the spotlight.

3. Celebrity Make Up Artist Cataanda J Keeps It Funky, Encouraging the Youth to Be Dream Getters while Maintaining Morality.


Although Cataanda J is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, this Celebrity Makeup Artist had a dream to make it in the big leads! Cataanda J has done makeup for celebrities such as Laila Ali, Vivian Green, and has even toured with L’Oréal Paris ! Cataanda J’s work doesn’t just stop at makeup. She is also the designer behind her clothing line Made In Beauty and Ride or Die Beauties.

Here in this photo Cataanda J poses with the very talented song writer, producer, and Grammy  Award Winner Ne-Yo! Check out the exclusive interview in our archives!

2Exclusive Interview with Director Christian Davis Building Detroit in Film, ‘Homiez’, Film Festivals and More


I have never met such a young talented  young twenty four year old who has such a distinct and clear vision for his dreams.

Inside The Girls Room had the opportunity to get the full exclusive story on the drive behind  filmmaker Christian Davis, and also got a sneak peek of the short films ‘Homiez ‘before it was released to the public for viewing.

1. Downnnn and Dirty with VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ Cast Member DJ



If you were a fan of VH1’s Summer reality show, Dating Naked, then more than likely you saw DJ on one of the episodes. DJ is an actor and model from Detroit, Michigan.

When I saw him on the VH1’s series of Dating Naked, I couldn’t pass the opportunity down to interview him on his experience.

His interview made it to the number 1 spot, receiving the highest number of views from our readers.


Inside The Girl’s Room is honored to have each and every last one of you featured on the blog site! Much success!

To our readers, we hope to continue raising the bar even higher for 2016 with more exclusive interviews and stories  that captivate your heart, mind,and eyes! Thanks for being apart of the journey. Stay tuned for more. 






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