Why Forbes Is Saying Put Women In Charge


Forbes and many other outlets are  saying the best way to save the world is to put women in charge!

Although women make up half of the world’s population, they represent 70% of the world’s poor, according to the Global Poverty Project.

But why is Forbes saying that by having women in charge, it will solve the problem to eliminating poverty and thus save the world?

Many have heard the saying ” May we be them, may we know them , and may we raise them” which is referring to mothers raising strong daughters.

Contributor Ryan Scott of Forbes  writes,  ” Nurturing the self confidence of girls and young women, and revolutionizing the opportunities that are available to them to take charge of their own destinies, starts by showing them real-life models of inspiration.”

“And when these girls grow up to be women who have a strong voice and influence in their communities, the world at large benefits from the influence of cooperation, communication, and compassion that is so commonly associated with women at home and in the workplace.”

Women account for 85% of disposable income, which is  $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the United States.

One innovated business entrepreneur that was highlighted in Forbes for the cause of women leading other women is Wendy Diamond.

Wendy Diamond says, “Statistics show that when women are provided with economic opportunity, 90 cents on the dollar goes back to their families.”

“Encouraging and empowering more women to enter business will have an incredibly positive financial and social impact on global communities.”

Wendy Diamond is the launcher of  Women’s Entrepreneur Day.  Women’s Entrepreneur Day otherwise known as WED is  a movement to empower , celebrate, and support women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Today on December 2nd, 2015 WED is pledging to support women owned businesses and causes around the world. WED is also working with leading worldwide banking partners to certify  women’s businesses worldwide with the launch of the Women’s Certified Business Program.

Diamond decided to embark on the idea of WED after volunteering in Honduras with the the Adelante Foundation.

The Adelante Foundation provides microcredit to low income women. After seeing the struggles that many of these women were facing , Diamond took it upon herself to form an international event that would celebrate and encourage the work of women business owners and social advocates.

The goal of the project is to empower 4 billion women on this Earth and bring hope and a future to 250 million girls living in poverty across the U.S. and other countries.

WED is influenced by its six pillars :

  • Celebrate our heroes. Championing female entrepreneur heroes who represent the current and future leaders of our economy.
  • Support leadership. Propel women into the leadership positions that have been a long time coming.
  • Empower economies. Encourage women to engage fully in business that builds stronger economies and improves the lives of families and communities.
  • Create a network. Create a network of individuals, companies, media, universities and other organizations to foster connections and inspiration for women and girls worldwide.
  • Inspire leadership. Provide real-life examples of female leadership worldwide to women beginning businesses nationally and internationally.
  • Be an advocate. Collaborate on defining and implementing an agenda for advancing women.

A woman who invests in herself will then also choose to invest in her family!

Cheers to Alpha Women!

For more information on WED check out http://womenseday.org.

What are you doing to elevate women in today’s society?



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