Why I Don’t Want Children Right After Being Married


Having a child is a lifetime commitment. I read a study once  from my Family Life Education class, that stated children are a $200,000 investment.  After reading that , I thought to myself, wow I know my parents have definitely spent more than that on me ( laughing out loud in my mind). Truth is you never stop being a parent.

I look at how much my parents have invested in my future and success. They have done all of this without looking back or even asking for anything in return besides for me to be successful,  and for that I am forever thankful and blessed.

When I look at my brother and sister-in-laws relationship with my niece and nephew, I know they will also be the same way.

All in all there are amazing parents in my entire family!

One thing that I admire about my brother’s relationship with his wife, is the fact that before they had my niece and nephew, they both traveled together in their marriage. They also made sure God was the foundation of their marriage and grew in Him first.

Before having children in my marriage , I want to be  able to travel with my husband.

Although there are many couples who do this even with having children, it’s harder  to get away when you have a child involved.

The parent is constantly thinking about the child, making sure he or she or they are ok by calling them  or checking in with the responsible caregiver .

Also when you have children, things change within your relationship as  far as communication. It’s not just about you and your mate.  If the relationship or marriage isn’t already solid  , a child can sometimes complicate things.

Many people assume a child will solve all their problems, but if the two are not on the same page or emotionally stabled this will solve absolutely nothing.

Personally, I  want to spend quality time and have fun with my husband first before having children.

Although life isn’t always so planned out and unexpected things do happen, to have a partner that is on the same page is very important.

Yes babies are blessings! But as adults, both parties must be on the same page in their relationship and have that talk about even if they want children, when they want children and how many.

Sometimes I think people fail to have these conversations because it’s such  a weird conversation to have.

When you’re married if one partner wants a child , and the other doesn’t, this will also complicate the marriage. Healthy communication is  vital, especially when entering into a covenant.



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