Discouragement Is Inevitable



There have been times where we all have been discouraged by people who were supposed to be in our corner, whether parent, spouse,  other family members or friends.

Hearing the words, you just need to give up on your dreams (whether you’re good at what you do or not) and do something else can be quite a drain.

Many times those closest to us have no idea that they are the ones who have the biggest influence on many of our decisions.

Sometimes isolation can be the best thing to do during your time of making your dreams happen.

You need to surround yourself with people who are doing the things you’re doing and want to advance in the career path of your destiny.

One of my biggest dilemmas was choosing to move back home to learn my craft. I had no idea how much of a struggle it would be to do this, regardless of any help I was getting from family members or my parents.

There was also many occasions were my parents weren’t as supportive  as I would have liked them to be on my journey as well.

It’s funny how during the times when I would often question and doubt myself, my parents seemed to show little support or express more criticism in the areas of my life where I was lacking.

Arguments  and miscommunication were always the result of this.

When people are struggling in areas of their life, you never want to  cut them deep with your own judgments.

My parents most of the time had and still have no idea what inner demons or insecurities I am facing.

I don’t talk to them about every single element of my life.

Sometimes a person’s scrutiny will result in resentment as well.

People want to feel good about themselves. As humans that’s what we gravitate to. No one wants to feel bad on who they are and no one wants to feel discouraged.

Often times I think people lack empathy and compassion when addressing  certain things. May be your parent or loved one isn’t truly trying to discourage you.

Maybe they are trying to give you advice but don’t know how to address it properly OR perhaps they don’t know how to compliment you on what you are doing, so they find other things to nitpick about.

There could be a multitude of reasons why someone may be discouraging you other than “the go to” reason many refer to as hate!

In your time of discouragement, what are you doing to boost yourself up?

Are you putting positivity out into the world?

Remember whatever it is that you’re going through, never lack empathy and compassion! Those are the two things that  make humans feel valuable and full of worth!




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