That’s My Main One x Tiffany Rene



Miss Tiffany Rene is the definition of a go getter dancer, building her dreams sky high. I had the privilege of chit chatting with this fierce 22 year old dance choreographer, while filming for a show.

Dance is an art that must come from within.  Miss Tiffany Renee credits her gift to no other than God Himself!

A native from Detroit, Michigan, Tiffany Rene  has been dancing since the age of five.

Although Tiffany is her biggest critic , when she’s in doubt , she just sits and prays, and waits for her moves to come to her!

Tiffany has danced for  Chris Brown’s ‘Fame Tour’,  opened  for The Summer Jamz Concert featuring Keyshia Cole, won the dance choreography contest presented by Sevyn  Streeter , and is Detroit Female Rapper Kash Doll’s choreographer.

After seeing the most amazing choreography  out of Detroit, I couldn’t go to sleep without posting this!

Check out Tiffany Rene’s choreographed dance to Mila J’s Main One.

Follow Tiffany Rene :

IG @Ms_T.Rene
FB@Tiffany Rene’

Youtube : Tiffany Rene

Videogerpher: Alonzo Walker

Editor: Dionte’ Thomas











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