It’s A New Year So What Will You Do In 2016


As this New Year unfolds why not go in with a new mindset, not just goals. There’s no way possible a person can accomplish his or her goals without first changing how he or she thinks.  

A week before going into 2016, I was wrongfully terminated from my job and lost a very close friend of mines after 5 years. These were very negative situations that I was encountering, however I could not let any of this bring me down.

As I cried because I was confused and wanted to know why all of this was happening, especially around the holiday season, I decided to dive deeper into my spiritual readings and seek knowledge.

I came across a few reads on why God terminates people and jobs for your benefit.

The job I had was honestly petty. It was not helping me grow and I was becoming very stagnant in order to receive a paycheck. God expires certain people and things in your life so you can grow!

Use all of your mistakes in 2015 as lessons to help  build and grow in 2016. Although a lot can happen in one year (or very little depending on what you do to make the year powerful), remember that you can use this year  to your advantage to make positive changes or waste it on doing the same thing you’ve been doing.

If failure is something that you’re afraid of in 2016, then you are not ready to succeed. In life you’re going  to fail before you make it.  What you must learn is how to keep the faith. You have to figure out the flaws and kinks  and learn from them.

Also take heed to wisdom. Find a person who knows more than you in your particular field. This person will give you the tools you need to succeed.

A few months ago, my professor presented a lecture on the 9 people you need moving forward in your career. She named the Idealist, the Realist, Mentor(someone you look up to in your industry that you can reach out to), Inspirer, the Wanna Be, the Insider, the Negative person, Peers ( someone who is on the same level as you), and a Coach. All of these people are very important and vital to your success.

The idealist will never down your dreams. The realist will make you think rationally on how you can truly make your dreams come true.  The wanna be is someone like yourself who is working their way up in the industry.

The insider is someone in your industry that can give you clues and hints on what it is an account executive, agency, or corporation is looking for.  Your peers are people in your industry that you may share new ideas with or have as an ally to fall back on when things are getting rough or even when things are going great. They are also known as your associates in your corporation or friends in commerce/friends in adversary.

The negative person will make you want to work harder and fight for what you want. The inspirer will give you positive feed back, plant seeds into your dreams, and help with developing new ideas.

Your Mentor will show you the ropes and school you  on the trade of the business, while your coach will give you strength and push you in all areas of your life.

It’s not really about what the year will bring to you , but more about how you will handle your time and attitude during the remainder of these next 12 months. Today we are all given a fresh slate and have a 4.0 on a good start to begin good habits and become renewed.

So in 2016 what will you do? Will you set high goals for yourself and stick them out throughout the rest of these next 12 months? Will you drown in the past failures? Will you bring it or leave it?



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