Joy : The 2015-2016 Movie For All Entrepreneurs


Welcome to 2016!  It is officially the 5th day filled with new opportunities and a refreshing start! As many of my peers were celebrating the big day in church, or with families and friends, drinking and being merry, I decided to spend the opening day of the New Year by myself at the movies. So at 10:45 pm on December 31, I came across a movie called Joy.

New Year’s Eve was a night for me to reflect on how the start of 2015 began and what I wanted to gain in 2016. I accomplished so much last year. I began blogging, modeling, my internship at a Cumulus Media Company, and incorporated my non profit organization with the state of Michigan.  Although I embarked on many  new journeys, I was still not satisfied with my life financially.

While the previews of Joy didn’t seem too exciting, the reviews I  read about the movie are what gravitated me to it.

Joy is a semi-biography film written and directed by  David O. Russell. The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence as Joy, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and Virginia Madsen just to name a few. Joy is based on the story and life of Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire who created her own empire.

Although some of the movie was interpreted from the perspective of the director and incorporated the stories of other women entrepreneurs besides Joy, many of the facts stand true that no matter what some people do not want you to be happy in your career path.

Mangano was a divorced mother with three children in the early 1990s. She caught her big break when she invented the Miracle Mop.

Joy’s ride from rags to riches was very inspiring for many women entrepreneurs who have invested in their businesses but have gotten no financial return back.

I think I cried throughout the entire film, mainly because of the reviews I  read about the movie that gravitated me to it.

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur! The road is rough and so tough. Yes, most of us want to be our own boss, but as I watched the life of Joy and her ups and downs, it posed the question of what would I do if my brand Inside The Girls Room was at risk?

For an inventor and innovator coming across a new idea  takes a vast amount of time,energy, thinking,  marketing, money, and mistakes. These were the business issues Joy battled with.

Not to mention not everyone in Joy’s family wanted her to conquer her downfalls. They wanted Joy to give up after she filed for a second mortgage, went bankrupt, after  another company stole her patented and when her grandmother MiMi, the only person who had faith in her passed away. Her father and sister even decided to sue her once Joy made it big.

The lessons of the movie taught me that not everyone in your corner is going to want to see you succeed, whether friends or family, but you have to and you will!

Things will get worse before they get great! While watching the movie, I honestly didn’t know when Joy would catch her big break! When Joy wanted to crack under pressure , she continued to give it her all. And why wouldn’t she, when she invested every thing she had into what she wanted.

For Joy it wasn’t just about the return of the investment, it was about her happiness, her freedom, her life, and what she loved doing. Since she was a child, she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and invent things.

The film taught me never to do a major business move without consulting with a professional who has your best interest, don’t let your investment be more than the debt you are able to pay off during the time of investing, and to be careful with whom you do business with.

The film also taught me to be careful in voicing what you want to do in your life to friends, family, and even associates. You do not have to speak on every little detail, adventure, or idea that you want to make into a reality.

It’s almost like the biblical story of Joseph and his 12 brothers. (Refer to Genesis 37 for the storyline). When you tell all  your dreams and visions, people will become very jealous and vicious.

In life you will probably only have 2 , 3, or a handful of friends who will support your business decisions and advise you on the risk. This was the case for Joy in the film. The people she could count on were her best friend, ex husband, business associate from the TV Network, and her grandmother.

So don’t feel bad when people start walking out of  your life or falsely accusing you of wrongdoing when you have done nothing wrong. Maintain your character. Character is very important when doing business.

Finally your competition may eventually become the person you were in business with. Learn how to separate work relations from your relationship as friends.

One day you may be friends in commerce, while as the movie showed you may also be friends in adversary.  Always remember that you will still need one another in the end and consult with each other as friends.

Joy is one movie that every entrepreneur needs to see whether male or female!



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