God Where THE HECK Is My Boaz Part I


When two people are meant to be together and are brought together by God, it is such a beautiful sight to see. However it does not mean that there were never  any obstacles and adversity to face along the way. You never know someone’s story &  journey it took to get to the place of being with that man or woman. Whether you are a single, in a relationship, married, or divorced every woman should purchase the book ‘God Where Is My Boaz’.

If you have been searching for answers on why your relationship is not working out, or why you are still single and cannot be with the person you desire to be with, God Where Is My Boaz is your guide  in rebuilding your strength as a woman to wait patiently on God and pray in your season.

Sometimes it’s our own perceptions and expectations of how things should be that hinder us from receiving what God desires us to have.

The book will definitely make you fall more in love with the character of God .  In my opinion it’s definitely better than the Steve Harvey books Straight Talk No Chaser and Think Like A Man , Act Like A Lady . Because of the spiritual nature of the book, the author Stephan Labossierre always refers his statements back to the Bible. At the beginning of each chapter, there is a scripture to correspond with the author’s viewpoints.

What Labossierre continues to mention in the book is to always consult with God before making any sudden moves whether the relationship looks desirable at the time or not.God will never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to choosing your mate, if you take everything up to Him in prayer .

Most of the time we as humans just date just because it’s something to do while hoping God presents us with our mate in whoever we are dating. STOP DOING THAT! You could possibly be setting yourself up in dating people who you aren’t supposed to be with prolonging God’s blessings!

I purchased the book ‘God Where Is My Boaz, the day before my 24th birthday out of desperately seeking answers that only God could express to me. Like many women who have been single for quite sometime ( 6 years for me), I started to question ok what is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? Am I too indulged with the wrong men? Is this person the wrong man or right man?  Do I have to abandon my feelings, emotions, and love for this person I love? Why can’t I be with the person I love? Why am I being friend zoned? Why, Why, Why were all of my questions to God.

I had stumbled across the sponsorship ads for the book a few times on my Facebook feeds, but thought it would be the same ole ‘Wait On The Lord’ type of book. I wasn’t trying to read another one of those. It wasn’t until I found myself in bed questioning my character as a good person and woman (which was nothing but the Devil), that I decided to purchase the book.

Often times the story of Ruth is so misinterpreted by women of the church. Ruth DID NOT WAIT ON BOAZ. Ruth positioned and prepared herself for Boaz! There’s a huge difference. There was no ‘ I’m going to wait until God tells me this is the person I am supposed to be with so we can get married and have a family.’

Lesson #1 of the book states “Stop ‘waiting’ for Boaz. Ruth never sat back and just waited for things to happen. She was proactive and didn’t wait for Boaz to initiate things with her. She followed a two-step principle all women should remember :prepare & position yourself. She was already prepared and had the mindset of a wife when she met Boaz”

Ruth knew her rightful position! Before Boaz, Ruth had been married to Mahlon, the son of Elimelech and Naomi.

The amazing story of Ruth truly lies in her relationship with her mother-in-law Naomi. Naomi’s husband Elimelech died as well as her two sons, Chilion(who was married to Ruth’s sister-in-law Orpah) and Mahlon. While Orpah  eventually decided to leave to go back to her family after the passing of her husband, Ruth decided to stay with her mother-in-law and embark on a new journey.

It was just these two women left alone to find means to provide for themselves without their husbands.

This shows Ruth’s faithfulness to her husband’s family.  Ruth’s character was loyal, faithful, full of integrity, servant like, and obedient.

Author Stephan Labossierre mentions that many Christians believe that the story of how Ruth met Boaz was a fairytale beginning and love at first sight. This is not the case at all. Boaz saw the character of Ruth time after time again! Ruth was held in high regard which is why she caught Boaz’s attention.

People also forget that Boaz was not next in line to marry Ruth, it was another kinsman. Because Boaz was  a relative to Naomi by marriage it was common for a man to become the ‘guardian redeemer’ to a woman who was widowed in order to support her and provide housing.  The  next kinsman in line who was supposed to marry Ruth, declined the offer.

The story of Ruth also speaks highly on the character of Boaz. Boaz kept his promises and was a man of his word!

The author also expresses how Ruth possessed all the qualities of the role she wanted to uphold when it came to Boaz. If you don’t present yourself as someone who is right for the role to be a wife, why would a man want to consider you to be his wife?

In closing I want to share a story on how someone may be prepared as a woman to be a wife, without even knowing. Women have qualities and assets that have been instilled in us from God and from our mothers.

Like many female toddlers growing up, I used to carry  what looked like a real life baby everywhere ! As I dissected a picture of me carrying my baby around the house, I saw this dazzling look on my mom’s face.

My mom was so happy to see me happy that I was totally obliviously to her unconditional love for me as a child. I was just so happy to get my real life baby doll that I gave that ‘little baby’ all my attention.

I would feed her, rock her, dress her, play with her, make sure she was taken care of, and cuddle with her at night. Isn’t it funny that girls get the barbies, baby dolls, books, make up, and princess tiaras.

I think we get thrown into the gender roles not just based on society alone, but also because of  our relationships with our parents.

I even started walking in my mom’s high heel shoes at 4. As a 24 year old woman staring at that picture of me, I already had the qualities of being a good mom, good woman, and good wife even at that age! As we grow physically and mentally, we have to realize we have already been given the gift and tools to be the best woman God wants us to be.

My mother displayed all of those characteristics in the household, that would help me be a good mate to my future spouse and a great mother to my future children.I have a great mother, while my dad has a great wife! These qualities are already instilled in my character.

 I may not be ready  to be a wife right at this very moment, but that doesn’t mean I do not possess the qualities of being a good wife.  

For more information on the book and where you can purchase it check out

Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, as well as the Apple App store.


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