If You Love Him Should You Wait? Or Pray?



It’s crazy how this video depicts one of my fears… Sometimes they wait until the last hour…  What happens to the woman who waits too long? Will he decide to leave her for someone new? Will she give up on him because she’s been through enough? Is their love strong enough to really stand the test of time?

Sure we all know if a man really loves a woman , he will commit to her and put a ring on it when he is ready! Keyword, ready ! Who doesn’t know that?

Men are hunters and when they really want something, they go after it with all their might! But this blog isn’t about the men who  pursue the women they want!

If a woman truly loves a man, should she wait on that man to get his priorities together or should she walk away? At what point is “enough” enough? Or at what point should a woman give up on the man she loves because the love isn’t reciprocated in the way she would like?

Women have been told their whole life not to ever wait on a man. We have been told  by grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, teachers, the media, and even by Mrs. Campbell’s Soup herself, that it’s never a woman’s place to wait on a man.

Truth is, many men can’t be rushed into commitment and many women aren’t even ready for that type of commitment— Marriage.

Studies have shown that if you’re 25 and younger than you’re twice as likely to get a divorce compared to those who marry older.

So don’t rush him to make that commitment. With growth comes maturity and maybe he is waiting to make that commitment because he knows that neither one of you are ready to take that next step.

Just because he hasn’t put a ring on it or committed to you in a relationship doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Many times we go into relationships prematurely. You have no idea  what that man is dealing with internally and sometimes even externally (because men are wired differently and don’t tell us everything—it’s their way in protecting us) and trust me every man deals with something! Men are human just like women.

Because of this women blame every unsuccessful relationship with a man on themselves. We doubt our very being and say to ourselves “well maybe I should have done this”, ” If I would have done _________ things would be different”,  or “If I didn’t do ______we would be perfect”.  No things would still be the same.

Men have to figure out who they are and be at one with themselves until they are able to commit to that one woman.

A man must decide on his own time when he is ready to fully commit to the woman he desires to have for the rest of his life.

As I tried to dissect the words of the man I’ve been in love with for years, I couldn’t help but try to reason with him . I just wanted to understand where he was coming from as a man. This song described it perfectly!

He’s just not ready to be with one woman! So where does that leave me, either I accept that and move on or I let it blow over because maybe we are both going through a phase in life, trying to figure out a lot of things.

It’s not easy to accept that !

There’s no doubt that neither one of us can say that the love isn’t there, when it is!

However how strong is our love? And is it built on the right foundation? Love takes patience, time, unselfishness, strength,  & forgiveness.

Women have been told that they have one of two choices—leave or wait .

The crazy thing about this statement is women never truly leave or wait. We just HOPE that one day the man we would give anything and everything for would see what he has before it’s too late.

Women normally have thought about leaving numerous of times and even have an exit plan.

Sometimes it hurts to stay just as much as  it hurts to leave.

Maybe that makes the love real , I don’t know. Only time and forgiveness can reveal.

Every person in the equation  must do what feels right in their souls. Your soul should be navigated by God in order to make that decision and based off faith that God will align things accordingly if it’s meant to be or not.

So many people build their love and relationships on worldly principles and end up with the wrong person—-Or with the right person, but are unwilling to acknowledge that because their hearts and minds have been clouded by so many lustful distractions.

It’s harder than ever before to not be distracted! Social media is full of those distractions!

Women should pray for that man, even if he is not the man you are supposed to end up with! Pray that God rids his heart of all lustful desires even with concerning you.

No matter how long a woman is willing to stick around, depending on her tolerance, she’s not God and won’t try to save a relationship or friendship that is already dead.

So don’t wait until the last hour fellas, because once you lose her, it’s pretty hard to get her back ( if ever). Don’t play russian roulette with her heart.

Or you may end up with a mini “right now” you, depending on how you treat her.


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