LET’S DANCE THE TOUR Starring Silento Concert Review


Talk about a real life groove street party! On March 18th, 2016 at 7:30 pm the Let’s Dance Tour starring Silento, iLoveMemphis, DLow, We Are Toonz and 99 Percent had all the kids, including many of the adults in the stands ‘going up’ on a Friday night at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

Every child at the concert from the young age of 2 was bobbin’, shufflin’, and yes nae’ naeing it up on the dance floor.

Each performer tried to do their best to make every song selection family and friend appropriate for the youth, with the exception of the one song’I Twerk’ by 99 Percent— only because of the lyrics of ‘ I got this girl she don’t go to school’!

99 Percent what about the babies!?!?! Although the song is hot, there were little 5 year olds in the audience!

Well at least they didn’t say the B Word!


D Low performed Turn My Music Up,  and of course one of the hypest dance songs of Summer 2015 besides Watch Me(Whip/ Nae Nae), and Hit The Quan   — Do It Like Me!  YES The Bop Challenge was in full throttle!

Sorry for all the moms and dads who spent their hard earned money on press and curls for their daughters!

iLoveMemphis swept the stage Hitting The Quan, making me hit it twice ! The energy was massive , especially when Lean and Dap came on! I think I learned the art of perfecting my Dap now !

All the ladies went crazy when Silento sung “Dessert” by artist Dawin! He even brought a fan on stage to sing to her! One of the highlights from the night was Detroit’s very own Lil George hitting the stage to perform “I Got The Sauce”

Check out a few of the highlighted snaps from the night!




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