The Wait Is Over : Release of Mark My Word

Kristy Love

Media Personality/Blogger

 The wait is finally over! Artist, Mark Will has finally released the anticipated mixtape, Mark My Word. With his hit single “House Party”, this year Mark Will has been making a huge impact on the streets.

The mixtape includes artists such as Marlo Classic, Big Ant,  and Mr.Breeze. House Party has been in heavy rotation on my phone along with other hits like Money Tree Freestyle, Gotta Survive, Fame, and Faded.

These songs are most definitely my top 5! Mark Will has been working extremely hard this year with being a rap artist as well as an entrepreneur.

Make sure you come out to the Oakville Showcase Tuesday, April 12th at the Mix in downtown Detroit.

If you would like to sign up to perform make sure you contact him on Social Media.

Instagram:Twitter: @MarkWill !

To listen to his mixtape and download check out his Soundcloud:

Check out the video below to see the Money Tree Freestyle Video!


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