Creep Squad On Ratchet Monday Reality Shows

bobby-maze-620x374.jpg rich-dollaz-peter-gunz-creep-squad-1110-3.jpg

It’s Ratchet Monday Reality Tv  for me tonight.

It’s always nice to take a break and just flip on the Tv for a second because I rarely have any time for myself these days.

As I came across the  K Michelle show on VH1, I decided to analyze and dissect some of the show elements .

K Michelle has been going through a nasty breakup with  NBA player Bobby Maze. She  was once pregnant by Maze, but got an abortion after finding out some devastating news.

“Bobby tells me he has only one child…I later find out there’s four f**king babies. Four baby mamas,” she said in the  episode. “What man can deny their own kids? If you can do that to your own children what the f**k will you do to me?”

I was having a conversation with a group of friends and we stumbled across which was worst? A man cheating or a man lying ? Well in this case, it looks like Bobby has done both.

K Michelle was warned by Bobby’s ex on some of his behavior through instagram.

“He abandon us when I was 4 months pregnant and came back into her life at 8 weeks old he’s abandon her again since @kmichellemusic so I have no other way to communicate,” she said. “…that’s why he’s a monster…he could have at least paid his child support during our daughters bday….to see this bday post and our little one was on the 17th and for him to never have sent a gift or celebrated with her is upsetting @my_rebellious_soul.”

But of course as women we are always on the defense, especially when it comes to women hating on our relationships. We  ALWAYS THINK that  a woman wants what we have.

In reality the ex proved to be telling the truth. Maze was lying to K Michelle on more than what she had bargained for.

Prior to K Michelle’s Show , I was watching Love & Hip Hop . That Peter Gunz , Tara, and Amina situation blows my mind.

If you don’t know about what’s going on , long story short Rapper and Producer Peter Gunz  left his 13 year relationship with the mother of his two boys, Tara—-to marry singer and actress , Amina.

Peter recently got both women pregnant again at the same DAMMMNNN TIME! NO Three some involved!

Lesson of the day ladies:

Let’s be careful how we start off a relationship with someone.  The way we start off  may be the same way we end up.

Why don’t us as women listen to the women before us who have been with the men we are currently with….especially when it comes to some of their behavior?

Sometimes it’s not hating ladies!

As a woman , I would never want another woman to have  to go through what I just recently went through with that man.  Ain’t that much malice in the world for me to wish bad on another woman.

Even if that woman is hating on your relationship, if that woman wants him that bad, boo boo let her have him and deal with all that trash. Remember what’s done in the dark will always come to the light.

I have been warned by women prior to me and I wish I would have listened.

I have also warned other women and well, their outcome is their outcome.

You cannot change anyone’s behavior. If he isn’t willing to change on his own, that’s something you will be dealing with . You can tolerate it or not.


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