Don’t Be An Ass or a B Word To Get A Head!



In life you learn that there are evil hearted  people and good-hearted people! Let’s face it though,  we have all came across dicks (asshole men) and B word women while cruising in this journey called life.

Sometimes I just ask  myself are people really hurting that bad? Is it really embedded in some folks to treat people like crap or is it all a front? Why do people think  being nice is such a bad thing ? It’s a great trait and quality to posses!

The motto that some young adults live by is “I don’t want to get got —so I get people before they get me”, as if that is something to be proud about!You don’t always have to get ‘one’ over someone just because you think someone may come for you!

Even though there are evil hearted  people, the truth remains there are still a handful of  good-hearted people, just as well!  Remember what’s in your heart will manifest to the light, so it is important to treat people with love, kindness, and respect no matter who they are. You will never get anywhere in this world by being mean to others no matter what your social status is.

The world around us has lost root of the very things, some of us have been taught in our upbringing. Compassion! Compassion means to show an emotional response of understanding and  sympathy to others who may not be where we currently are in life. The words associated with compassion include : empathy, fellow feeling, care, concern, solicitude, sensitivity, warmth, love, tenderness, mercy, leniency, tolerance, kindness, humanity and charity.  Compassion is a learned behavior, that we  learn and grow to cultivate as we get older.

Having compassion takes more than just putting yourself in another person’s shoes, it also involves looking at situations from a different perspective than your own. Being human is what makes all of us relatable .  If you lack compassion for others, then what you’re saying is you truly lack compassion for yourself. No one is above or beneath another person no matter the tax bracket , income level, education level, or career choice. Treat people how you want to be treated. Rid yourself of the selfishness and unkind spirit that will trap you into thinking you are better than the next person. No one likes to be around an ugly heart that reeks. Plus you never know who may be your help in the end!


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