Dealing With Consistently Inconsistent People While Building Your Career


While advancing in your career path if you are going to be dating or decide to become romantically involved with someone, it is important to be on the same page mentally, spiritually, and yes even physically.

Having a structured relationship varies from person to person, however no one deserves to have an inconsistent person in his or her life who gives off mix messages and is unsure of the relationship. Dealing with consistently inconsistent people will drive anyone insane and adheres to the risk of being emotionally unstable.

A healthy relationship is a stabilized relationship. It’s not to say that arguments and disagreements won’t happen, but no one should have to adapt to the ways of an inconsistent person.

These people tend to prey on your emotions and are unsure of what they want  you to be to them in their life, so they make you confused with the mind games and their inconsistency  and unstable behavior patterns.

The best way to deal with consistently inconsistent people is to not deal with them. Your life is too great and precious for you to wait on someone to be great to you and be consistent with their time, effort, love, and appreciation.

Dealing with an consistently inconsistent person will keep you trapped! It will have a direct impact over how and what  you spend your time thinking about, financial decisions, logical reasoning, and emotional health. These people are toxic and will do anything to spill over the toxic energy  into your life.

If you’re reading this, please ask yourself why are you dealing with a consistent inconsistent person? Is it out of fear? Love? Empathy? Hopelessness? What are the reasons? People show you who they are by their actions, not what they are telling you. Pay close attention because the signs are always available!

If you want to build with someone and they don’t want to build with you, let them go. You’re chasing someone who doesn’t want to see you do great ! As people, we all deserve support and consistency of that support! Do not mismanage your time, energy, or heart on another person’s behavior that  you cannot control.

If anything please pray for their recovery because these are broken individuals you are dealing with.

Remember there are people in this world that are looking for someone to give back emotionally, spiritually, and physically with their God given gifts and talents. If you aren’t getting the support you need from that person, why keep them in your life? Stop going in circles for people who can’t even commit to being whole heartedly committed and supportive to you! Be good to yourself and be good to others!






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