Israeli Girls Can’t Ride Bikes! Rabbi Thinks It’s Whorish


Can you imagine living in a world where everyday you are fighting for your freedoms as a woman?  It could be something simple such  as going to the grocery store everyday to buy food for your family,  attending  school to learn, becoming a teacher to help other women learn, being recognized in your community as a political figure or just simply doing fun activities such as playing a sport, dancing, or singing!

However, unlike  in the U.S., in other parts of the world , girls do not have the luxury to do many daily activities that our youth can , such as riding their bikes.

An Israeli Rabbi has banned girls from the age of five and older from riding their bikes , because he is under the impression that it sends an immodest message.

The rabbi stated riding a bicycle “could cause serious damage to their modesty .”

The ruling says “We inform parents that they are obligated to forbid their daughters from age five and up from acting in this illegitimate way.

Those who are under the ruling include members of the ultra-orthodox Haredi  branch of Judaism.

Although this is only subjected to a Jerusalem neighborhood called Nahlout, it raises questions about other Israeli Rabbis following in the same footsteps , while leading their followers in the synagogue.

Westernized culture is still very much a threat to Eastern society, but at what point do we as a whole realize injustice is injustice.

How can young girls riding their bikes in the neighborhood become known as being sexualized? If that’s the case, wouldn’t men have to perceive girls being born into the world as being  over sexualized objects?

What’s sad is this is somewhat the same mentality many men in the US have regarding our women.

Do you think this possess a threat to the feminist movement overseas, especially in Israel?





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