Confessions With Bre :1.5 How I Got Caught Up After Prom


It’s that season again! And all the seniors in high school can’t wait to party all night long for  their prom! Many have plans after, like getting a hotel room and getting it in, drinking,  or hitting up a few after spots. If you’re one of those seniors whatever you do just be honest with your parents, especially if you’re a girl.

As I scroll throughout my social media pages and see all the luxurious dresses and cars, I couldn’t help but reminisce on my own prom that took place 6 years ago.

So here we go! It gets real juicy !

It was the day of prom, and I couldn’t wait for the night to end so I could just be in the hotel room with my then boyfriend. I had it all planned out, and well my mom and dad had know idea what was about to take place.

As I was getting my hair and makeup done earlier in the day , I sent out a mass text message to my older cousins to let them know the game plan. It was going down and I needed them to get the hotel suite in their name because I was underage.

I can confess I was a little bit of a fast butt in high school but I was always smart about everything, (makes me a little nervous to have a baby girl one day).

Before leaving with my date, my mom had it written in stone that I was not getting a room and either had one or two choices. That was to come back home for the night or go over my friend V’s house and have a “girls night” ( Who is really having a girls night on Prom????) Of course, I lied and said that I would be going over my friend V’s house. V also told her mom the same thing because neither one of our parents wanted us to get a room.

Personally I don’t think any parent should ASSUME that their child is not going to get a room for prom or should even expect their child to return home RIGHT AFTER  prom is finished. Parents should always always ask! If anything there should be clear  and open communication, because there is so much happening in the world today that it is better to be safe than sorry. Seniors be very honest with your parents about your intentions for the night!

So this is where it gets bad and downhill from having an awesome fun romantic night! After prom ended, my boyfriend and I drove back to his house to grab his clothes.  I remember getting out the car and hearing something fall, but I didn’t think to check and see what it was because my feet were sore and I just wanted to get back to the room.

The next morning it didn’t hit me until I realized I lost the most important thing to me that night besides my room key! My freaking phone!!!!  It wasn’t until the next morning as we were waking up laying next to each other, that he received voicemails and text messages from my best friend, my friend V, my cousins, and my mom wondering where were we?!?

Prior to that, I found out my mom  had called V’s mom to check to see if we  had made it into the house  after prom and that’s when V’s mom said she thought we were all staying over my house!



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