Being A Girl Means You Have The Grit, Glam, & Guts To Do All Things


Grit : a psychological mindset  of a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s passion for a particular long-term goal or end state, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective.

Inside The Girls Room has made it clear that Formation isn’t over with yet! This weekend   the team of Grit, Glam , and Guts  will collaborate  with Good Girl Radio and One Love Global to bring Lansing teen girls together for a Free One Day Conference, The Grit, Glam, & Guts Teen Conference. The conference helps teens from the ages 12 to 18 recognize that sisterhood  is important among the next generation of women, while letting the youth know that they can change their community by using their voice.

The Grit, Glam, & Guts Teen Conference,   which is going on its 4th year , has reached out to hundreds of teens across the state and will discuss healthy self identity,  healthy relationships, passion, purpose, unity and empowerment.

Close to 100 teen girls from across Metro Detroit are expected to join forces on Saturday June 18, 2016 at MSU Residential College of Arts & Sciences (362 Bogue Street East Lansing, MI 48208) from 8:30 am – 2:00pm for 2016.

Cameo King, Grit, Glam & Guts Founder, says “Sisterhood is one of  the most important relationships a girl can have. When women come together, powerful things happen. Lives are changed, communities are changed. The world is changed. We want to make sure the next generation of women experience, engage, and know it’s strength.”

Speakers & organizations from across the Lansing area will facilitate interactive and engaging workshops that tackle social and emotional issues of identity and lay a solid foundation of why sisterhood & knowing your power as a young person is essential to the success of individuals, families, and communities.

Conference participants also have a chance to connect with local organizations. Students can register at or Eventbrite.



Collaborative  Information:

Good Girl Radio is a media hub for the exchange of life experiences. It’s an online radio show that’s founded in the truth. Good Girl Radio is about being honest about who you are and embracing your identity. It’s about being real and unmasking the true woman inside of you. It’s about knowing there will be great, good, not so good, and ugly moments in life. It’s about confessing those moments, sharing those experiences, and learning. It’s about healing, growing and living the truth.

For more information head to or call 313-205-2462.

One Love Global is a Lansing-based non-profit organization that responds to the social, economic and developmental needs of vulnerable children and families with programs and services that empower, innovate and promote sustainable community change. One Love Global promotes social enterprise through planning, development, implementation and management partnerships. One Love Global also creates and adapts research-based and best practice models for global application.

For more information head to or call 517-410-1014.


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