Men Will Never Understand What It’s Like!!! #LikeAGirl


By Bre Nicole

Although many men think that once a woman finds  her power and how strong and independent she is in her emotions, finances, mentality, and spirituality , that she will be demeaning towards them. That’s not true!

Women just need to feel good about who they are. Were you ever that girl who was picked on a lot in kindergarten , elementary school, and high school? Well I was. I went through awkward stages in my life ever since I was born.

I used to blame  my parents, but now I thank God that I am able to empower other women because of what I have felt and gone through.

I used to be the overly sensitive one ( My family always called me that), I used to be the naive one ( Friends and family called me that), now I’m the unstoppable one( I call myself that).

And that’s because I have found unlimitedness power in me to keep going, no matter what.

Being a girl sucks sometimes because you always have to prove yourself to others, whether it’s other women, men, society, and to yourself.

Expressions such as you’re such a girl, you’re being so emotional, why can’t you be like men, omg you are so “gay” because of your emotions, hurts! I am a girl! I am a woman! It’s in my nature to feel, to be uniquely different compared to a man, and to let all men know that women are your backbone.

I have been so in awe with the #AlwaysPad commercials lately and this is why! Check it out! When women unite and acknowledge their power , we are #UNSTOPPABLE !



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