When In Media Don’t Tell Your Family Or Friends Everything


People have no idea how hard it is to even get your foot in the door , starting off small in the media industry. Sometimes the only support you have are those that work closely with you in the industry or people that you meet along the way that have also encountered some of your same struggles. If you want to be involved in the media industry, you have to be prepared to lose friendships, romantic relationships, and even close family ties.

Welcome to the life of media, where no one understands but those in media!

Over the past two years I have worked free at many start up media companies and as an intern for a large market media company. The experiences I have gained from these places have prepared me for some of the things I will experience while progressing in media.

I also learned that you can’t tell your family and friends your goals when it comes to the life you have chosen. They will look at you like you’re crazy.

Starting off if you earn salary in radio, you may only make $25,000 -$30,000 as a full time on air personality, while also doing other job duties at the company.

Not your most desired salary!

But what people fail to realize is , when you work hard, it is very easy to move  up. When you prove yourself as being an amazing radio talent, you get connected with plugs from all over the country. Media is a very small industry and it’s like that for a very good reason. Not everyone can get in because not everyone has what it takes.

Also sometimes family and friends have these unrealistic views on where you should be at in life. Don’t allow anyone to project your future because you are the only person in charge of that.

Family can try to detour you away from what it is you love or say well you’re not making any money at it, why are you doing it in the first place?

Your family and friends won’t always understand your grind or your passion, and that’s because your dreams aren’t their dreams. Let whatever negative things they are saying about what you’re pursuing go in one ear and out the other. Just keep grinding and loving what you love!



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