Team Up With Other Brands


We live in a generation where entrepreneurship is key. Many entrepreneurs not only have their own businesses but they also work a 9 to 5, in corporate America, or simply just have a normal day to day job, which is perfectly fine when starting off in the world of entreprenuership.

The hardest part of growing your business or brand is finding a team that is committed in helping your business reach its goals, while also helping your teammate reach his or her goals.

I am seeing  more and more independent contracting being established in the field of entrepreneurship.

Everyone wants to be the boss, the center, the lead. But no one understands how hard that leadership role really is.  When things don’t get finished, it falls on the leader, not the team.Sometimes it’s best to follow great leaders, before becoming a leader. In reality good leaders grow more leaders.

I have learned a lot of great things from poor leaders and excellent leaders in the process. In order to be a leader, you have to know yourself!

You must know your flaws, your vices, your weaknesses and also your strengths. You must also study from those who you look up to. Remember Kobe didn’t become Kobe overnight!

Although I have idols in the world of media (radio specifically) that include Angie Martinez, Devi  Brown, Paigion,  Lauren Crocker, Krystal Lee, Jen From BK, Laura Stylez, and Nessa just to name a few (look them up) , I also have many peers that I look up to in this industry as well.  I have  also connected with  up and coming stars who are on the map like, Bianca Bee, Bre’Ana Simone,  Kristy Love, Thy Real Tkay, Randi Rosario, Rachel Simone, Bria Renee, and Sydney B . What I’ve noticed is we have all helped each other in some shape, way and form!

I currently not only write for Inside The Girls Room, but I am also a contributor writer for three other brands ; Plot Plan & Slay (, Kristy Love Media ( , and The Sociable Bee (  Whatever I write on Inside The Girls Room , I submit my work to other brands and companies for them to publish, check out my work, or just give me feedback.

I am learning that you never know who is looking at your work  and who may want to utilize your services. Plus helping and working for other brands builds your credibility.

A new global society and economic system is  beginning to form. We are moving further away from a lifestyle that our parents and grandparents used to live. It’s either you work together to establish a net worth with those who have it or you fall behind in the food chain. It’s survival of the fittest.  But remember to always have integrity and a code of ethics when working with others.

I constantly ask for permission when I want to utilize the blog of another writer. It’s out of respect and also out of remaining credible. In English classes you learn to give credit where credit is due and to never plagiarize the work of another’s.

Help one another and you will eventually help yourself.


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