Visit The City Before Moving

above the Bay Bridge-L

By: Bre Nicole J

Ever hated your hometown  and wanted more out of life? You’re the kind  that thinks there is more opportunity elsewhere than where you are?Maybe you absolutely hate living in the country side and want to know what it feels like to live in a big city?

Maybe you absolutely have the desire to move from a cold climate city to a much warmer exotic paradise? Or maybe you think there is more opportunity elsewhere than where you are? If this is you I highly recommend that you travel to  each and every place you desire to move to before moving there!

So I finally made it out to California! No I didn’t go for a business trip or to pursue my dreams. The purpose of my first trip to California was for a wedding, in beautiful Northern California , The San Francisco Bay Area!

My whole life I have been told that Southern California is much better than Northern California, specifically the LA county!

Truth is, I fell in love with Northern California instead of Southern California. The people of the Bay Area seemed more laid back, gentle, business oriented, and tech savvy than people who live in LA County. In LA everyone is trying to find their next come up.  Out in the Bay you could be yourself, feel free, and still be about your business at the same time.

The truth is, I think every living environment is about what you make it.

I have traveled to the East Coast all the way to Connecticut, to down south and the west coast. All of my experiences with the people and culture of the states and cities have been different.  I will never base my experiences in life on what people have told me.

All of our perceptions are completely different and sometimes very complex. You make your experiences the way you want them to be.

If you’re believing the hype of a city  based on what people have told you, I dare you to go experience it for yourself first.

Northern Cal I will see you again!


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