Pink x Politics Hosts #WednesdayWeWearPink To End Gender Pay Inequality

13339529_281541168900704_7274875481303595565_nPink x Politics is a new social media blog  site , discovered by Detroit native Ay’Sia Johnson  that highlights women empowerment by showing off #girlswhorock, while also  educating its followers on women’s issues, focusing on the inequality of pay between the genders in corporate America.

On Wednesday women from all over the state of Michigan and over the world are being urged to wear pink in order to break these barriers of gender pay inequality that still plagues the lives of women today.

Women in every state have or will  experience a pay gap in their occupation.

Although the annual income of all people is rather skewed, as the rich continues to earn 90% of the world’s wealth, unfortunately the pay gap is even worse for women of color, including black women, Hispanic and Latina women, as well as American Indian and Native Hawaiians.

A study showed that in 2014, women working full time in the United States  were paid  ONLY 79 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 21 percent. Although the gap has narrowed ‘since the 1970s, because of  women’s progression in education, workforce participation and cooperation, as well as men’s wages rising at a slower rate than before’, there is still much work that needs to be done to make sure every one receives 100 percent of the same pay for the same job that is done.

While enrolled in a math class at Western Michigan University, there was a research assignment that all of my peers had to do when it came to finding the median annual income of our professions, while finding the annual median income of all households and eventually separating the earnings by gender.

I stumbled across some very surprising numbers from one website called, which stands for American Association of University Women. If you think this is being made  up, check out the median annual earnings below. Numbers don’t lie!


Although education continues to be the rule of thumb for an increase income for both men and women,  research is showing that it is not an effective way to stop the gender pay gap.

Join Pink x Politics on Wednesday, July 13th and one Wednesday out of every month in wearing pink to participate in the movement of ending gender pay inequality, while also winning cool prizes such as gift cards from Sephora and makeup from their sponsors. Pink x Politics will choose one lucky winner out of every month.

While helping Pink x Politics by participating in the challenge or even becoming apart of the team, here are also a few things you can do as well to promote change.

If you are a CEO of a company the AAUW suggests that you conduct salary audits to proactively monitor and address the gender-based pay differences. If you are a woman employee, learn different strategies to better help you to negotiate equal pay. Closed mouths never get fed. The AAUW has salary negotiation workshops for all women to attend in order to help women advocate for themselves on equal pay. (Read more about the free workshops in your area!)

Lastly all change whether it’s #blacklivesmatter or gender pay equality, starts with policymakers. The Paycheck Fairness Act  that would improve the Equal Pay Act, has not been updated since 1963.

People think voting on issues doesn’t solve anything, but it does. When we fail to vote on policy and proposals we fail to vote on the issues that affect our livelihood. You can write to Congress to tell them to take action! Use your voice!

To get involved with Pink x Politics check out their social media:

Twitter : @pinkxpolitics


Email :





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