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By: @ThyRealTKay
Safe Summer 16, which took place in the beginning of July,  in Detroit Michigan at the Bath Tub Pub,  was put on by  BMB’s very own record label artist Midwest Rico.
The event sponsored by BMB and Mr. Alan’s Elite, generated a massive crowd from all over the metropolitan area.  As I walked through the doors of the Bath Tub Pub loft, I could tell it was going to be a great event due to the positive synergy that  levitated inside the building once arriving.

DJ Dre Scoop and DJ Unkle Eli  held it down on the 1’s and 2’s, as Detroit’s own  Crystal The Doll was the guest host, while  of course the BMB Familia,  Lil George, Fool Boy Marley and Midwest Rico performed  for the event.

One of my favorite songs from Midwest Rico, that I would recommend to all the readers and fans  is Jeweler and Everybody.
Both songs attracted  an enormous amount of energy from the fans, making the crowd extremely hype, giving full of life .
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There was also a really  incredible performance by Evan The Twerk God , who has a song called Nine out produced by Heizenburr and is also a feature on a song called Freak H*** with rap artist Stewe and Cash Kidd.
Although Safe Summer 16  was a really large festive event, celebrating the messages of positive music, Midwest Rico wants his fans to be reminded that Safe Summer is also a movement promoting positive vibes and ending  street violence in the city of Detroit.
And that’s exactly what took place at the event ! The night was safe , fun, and full of pleasant, great energy as people enjoyed the night together in peace and harmony .
Oh and I can’t forget about the 200 plus balloons that was  released  during Midwest Rico’s performance of Everybody produced by Dj Clay, to promote his messages of unity.
I can honestly say , I enjoyed myself and will be attending the 4th annual Safe Summer next year!
Make sure you follow the following on social media for more great events, clothing, and
MidWest Rico : @midwestrico
BMB : @bmbrecords
Mr Alans Elite : @mralans
Checkout Music from Midwest Rico below:

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